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 How to Fix "The number of ads you can show has been limited.

How to Fix "The number of ads you can show has been limited.

Today I want to talk about a quick issue that I have that just happened to me. actually, I know a lot of people having the same issues. So essentially I am on google Adsense I got a little red bar at the top that says the number of ads that you can show has been temporarily limited and I was confused I was like why is this happening,

Actually like a day or so before I know this that there was a spike of revenue, I think like I got $15 Aday which is abnormal for me and I didn't really think about it but, we are gonna go into why this happened and also how you can fix it and how to prevent it in the future.

I clicked on the policy basically they're saying that ensure that you have no bots traffic that is getting abused artificially or clicks artificially and I personally did not know of any such thing on my website so, I was just assuming that it would be automatically fixed.
But after waiting like two or three weeks this still wasn't fixed so I decided to do some more research to figure out how this would be fixed, So after like a quick google search.

 A massive amount of people are also having the same issue and it's actually quite a relatively recent issue EVERYONE is facing. I think previously when this kind of issue happened. there would just suspend on your account entirely, and you would stop being able to use Adsense.

But now they're being a bit less harsh with the punishments but it's still not allowing me to earn revenue, so I want to want it to fix it. So after doing some more research into the AdSense program policies, I figured out why I think that they're blocking.

In the AdSense policy, it says you are encouraging clicks or views through non-google search stuff so basically I think what happened is that your website had a spike of attention on Social media but did not actually come from google search.

They thought you're spamming your site with bots traffics to get free money so they put this restriction on your account. and I think it's pretty stupid in my opinion that they don't allow you to use social media to encourage user clicks. however, you're supposed to advertise your website.

Nevertheless, these are their policies and we can't do much about it so I'm just going to teach you how we can solve this issue so you can start earning money once again.

what you need to do is delete the entire ads all of them from your web 100% of them and delete them from your website and then push it to live so you won't have ads on your website and, this won't really impact your revenue at all.

hopefully, this to be resolved soon and then you'll be able to put the ads back so just make a backup copy of your project so you could remember where the ads were placed so first gonna go and delete all the ads and make sure you delete every single one then also go ahead and completely delete the ads txt.

Delete the ads of a txt file, do it that's step two and then step three is going to be going to the Adsense  then go to your ads and manually deleting every single, I mean every single one of your ads so, go to your ''by ad unit'' and then go ahead and click on "archive" or delete if there's a delete button and just delete every single one that you have.

So why I'm saying this is because basically, Adsense is monitoring your traffic for to time while you're under review. and I don't think anything is really done until they notice that your traffic is normal.

So I think if you delete every single Ad and you just completely basically remove your site from AdSense for a few days it will get resolved and this is what I did and it actually worked perfectly.

I waited around a week or two weeks and it was completely fixed, though error went away and there was another error though that said "please add your ads dot txt to your site otherwise your revenue will be significantly impacted" So make sure you just re-add your ads Once the notification goes away and then you'll be all set.

There is a period in between when it's still under review and there will be two warnings here one says "your revenue will be significantly impacted" there also be like an arrow right here for a second warning and that second warning will still be "The number of ads you can show its been temporary limited" so make sure that both of them arent there only one that should be there is adding the ads txt so, once you see only that one warning then you know that its been fixed.

Now you can go back to and be putting your ads back on your website so, the only downside to this once you have put your ads. once you have gotten this result then you'll have to place your ad units you're gonna have to go back to your ads and create a brand new ad units with the same configuration.

you're gonna have to replace your ads txt file and you're going to have to re-add the code with differently, like publisher id and everything. So whatever code they give you when you recreate the ad don't use the old code and then so that's how your earnings revenue again.

This just up in for me so I'm pretty sure it works and then you just have to be patient and let it review the only thing that I want to advise you is that, you try not to have this happen again so I take some steps to make sure this didn't happen again by removing your website from social media account in order to not have a spike increase.

Hope One day that this might not happen again and if it does happen again it might be more consequential than before because they notice it's up in a second time so I would just strongly advise that you do precautions to make sure that you don't get artificial traffic to your website that's not through google search.

I hope that helped, please go ahead and leave any comments if you had any questions or concerns but please be patient before you leave any questions about like, why isn't it working it took me one or two weeks for me but it might take longer for you so, depends on google they honestly have pretty bad support service so I wouldn't expect any consistency with them so good luck and let me know if you have any questions thanks.