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Top 10 Scholarships for International Students in Belgium

Top 10 Scholarships for International Students in Belgium

Unknown to many, Belgium has a variety of scholarship schemes, primarily for students from developing countries, for international students. The Government offers scholarships to foreign students wishing to pursue further studies in Belgium in their efforts towards development cooperation. Belgian universities included in the top 100 universities in the world also have international student scholarship programmers.

Belgian government International Students Scholarships »

VLIR-UOS Training and Master's Scholarships VLIR-UOS gives students from selected developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America scholarships to pursue a development-related training or master's program at Belgian universities.

Flanders government Master Mind Scholarships for International Students  

The Flanders government is launching a new scholarship program, Master Mind Scholarships, aimed at facilitating the internationalization of Flemish higher education. This grants outstanding Master Students from all countries up to 35 scholarships. A cumulative scholarship of 7,500 Euro per academic year is awarded to the incoming student. The Flemish host institution may apply to the applicant for a maximum tuition fee of 100 Euros per year.

 Erasmus Mundus Programs in Federation Wallonia-Brussels

Research grants are awarded at Belgian universities for the degrees of Erasmus Mundus Master and doctorate degrees. 

Belgian universities which offer international student scholarships »

 Science@Leuven International Student Scholarships
The Science@Leuven Scholarship is intended for inspired and talented international students, interested in participating in the K.U.Leuven Faculty of Science's international master program.
See also the Global Minds Doctoral Scholarships Program that provides qualifying students from developing countries to complete their PhD at K.U. Louvain.
Ghent University Top-up Grants for Developing Countries Ghent University offers top-up grants for applicants from all countries on the OESO-DAC list who wish to obtain a Master's degree from Ghent University. The contract consists of a loan of EUR 1,000 a month and all-in benefits.

Belgian institution International Student Scholarships »

ARES Scholarships
The ARES awards a total of 150 Masters Scholarships and 70 Education Scholarships to nationals of developing countries through courses each year.

The Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) supports applications for advanced study or research fellowships from citizens or permanent residents of the United States for one academic year, at a Belgian University or a higher education institution.

The B.A.E.F. will grant up to ten partnerships each conveying a stipend of $27,000 for Ace's or Ph.D. understudies or $31,000 for Post-doctoral Colleagues.