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  Date: November 3, 2015

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The next day somebody contacted my family.first my mother cried her eyes out,cursing all evil doers in the village.

i tried to tell them i was sane.

”na so them they talk” a relative once said. nobody cared to listen to the ravings of a mad man who was seeing mami-wata.i was taken to one of this new generation church that performed miracles but the pastor said my family should wait for Gods time for it is the best.

they took me to two babalawo’s who said the mami-wata had taken my spirit to her kingdom.that there was no hope for me.

my family refusing to give up took me to a white garment church.the one in which i was currently at.
sudenly stopped at number 22.there was commotion around me.there was a gun shot.have i been shot? Or was i hearing was followed by shouts.i could hear people running helter-skelter.what was

had the mami-wata finally revealed herself?.”no let that one escape” a thick voice shouted.there was sounds of struggle.another gun shot filled the air ”check who them tie there” ordered that same voice.immediately someone was standing over me.

my vision was still blur.i felt water being splashed on my face.i was untied by someone else from behind.a cup of water was forced down my felt good.was i in heaven?.the image i saw in front of me definitely could not be in Gods heavenly paradise.squatting near me was someone wearing complete black with a rifle in one hand.

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it was a POLICE MAN “who are you?” he asked.i couldn’t bring myself to answer him.i looked around and saw that the Demon extinquisher was pinned to the ground by two police men.

i pointed to his direction.”oh.that man.he is a criminal”.”yes.big criminal”.

i managed to eyes picked something laying idle on the was the Holy cane.a thought quickly entered my mind.i beckoned to the police man to come closer.”you go h-help me do something” i told him.”wetin?”. “help me flog that he goat with that cane for ground”. “you dey craze?”..i thought for something i could use to motivate this man.”how much you go need?” i asked him.there was a wide smile in his face now.” pricing”..we had reached an understanding.”i go give you 25k to give am better flogging”.he nodded and went to
confer with the rest.a man had brought wrapper
which i used to cover myself.i found a suitable place to watch the show.


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