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  Date: March 12, 2016

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Fiona dressed in a white long sleeve shirt that she had just rolled up,a black high-waist skirt that stopped somewhere above her knees and a black suspenders and a white high-heeled shoes– surely her shopping spree had not gone on waste. She picked up her handbag and headed to Tiara’s room, she entered
“I’m heading to work”,she started
No answer
“Elliott’s company to be precised”
No answer
“While I work, what do you do?”
“I plot for revenge”
“What I don’t understand is why you can’t tell your group of thugs to find Liza”
“Liza is alright where she is”
“And where is she?”
No answer
“Why are you doing this?,can’t you just move on with your life,Tiara?”
No answer
“Tell me where Liza is”
“Liza could one day be used”
“Then tell me where she is”
“Liza is fine and she’s out of the street”
“She lived in the street?”
“Yes and she just got out two weeks ago”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because you thought more of your shopping than of Liza”
“How can you say that,Tiara?,that’s an unfair thing to say. You…”,she said pointing at Tiara “…you knew where she was along and didn’t bother to bring her back”
“I had a plan”
“All you think about is revenge and nothing else!”,Fiona shouted
“I think you should have a rethink because the first thing I did after we received the money from the fixed deposit was locating Liza and you,the first and only thing you do is shop”,Tiara replied in that cold voice
“I shop because I feel depressed”
“You shouldn’t be be late on your fist of work and I want a full report of your day’s work at the end of the day and…”
“What!?,you can’t be serious!”
“I am and never interrupt me again. Now leave my presence”

As Fiona hit the road, she realized how much she missed Joshua. Joshua knew what would make her smile in times like this. She was sure that her day had been made in hell and Tiara is the devil herself. Joshua disrupted her thoughts again but Joshua had not for once in the past four years called after getting tons if her missed calls and email messages. She’d never knew Joshua would be like that,he had abandoned her when she needed him the most. He had been her comfort, her confidant but still, she would give anything and everything to see his face today.

As Fiona got to the office and stepped out from the car,she knew something has changed. If course, not that she could tell but she just had a feeling.
When she got to the reception, she the guy in the grey jacket at the receptionist desk,though his back was at her but she knew she had seen that figure before, she thought as she increased her pace,just then,the receptionist whispered something to him and he turned and Fiona stopped in her tracks,shock written all over her face.

As Joshua stepped into the reception room,he won’t deny he was having some sort of odd feeling. All he needed to do was check with the sales department, give the delivery man the company’s address, check with the manager and deliver his father’s useless message or threat rather, go back to his father and give him Elliott’s reply and after that,he would take the rest of the day off.
When he reached the receptionist desk,he decided to have a change of heart-maybe he should see the manager first
“Hi”,he greeted
“Good morning, Sir. What can I do for you?”
“Yes,Good morning. I’d like to speak with your manager”
“The manager’s not yet in. Would you like to drop a message?”
He thought for a while, he couldn’t drop the message with the receptionist
“Sir?”,the receptionist brought him back to attention
“ Actually, my supplies were due like two weeks ago and I’d like to know what’s wrong”
“Are your payments complete?”
“What’s the name of your establishment and your name, I will make an entry and see what’s keeping them”
“PJ Group of Companies and I’m Joshua Green”
She recognized the name immediately. She cleared her throat and used the tone of a servant devoted to her master.
“Umm,Mr Green,We’re sorry. You’ll get your products within five hours, Sir. I promise”
“Can you make it two hours?”
“Yes Sir,sure we can”
“Good. Now,about your manager”
“What about the manager, Sir?”
“I’d like to see him”
“Umm it’s a she now”,she bent down and whispered to him “And she right behind you”
He turned,seeing that face,his body turned first hot,then cold, then hot again.

They both stood there unable to move.
Seeing her had brought back many memories. He stared at her as she stared back at him without battling an eyelid.
He knew if he didn’t make a move, she would just stand there, so he covered the space that separated them.
“Umm..Hi. This is you,I mean really you”,Joshua said
“I umm..I think so”,she stammered
“Fiona,this is you. What happened?”.
Fiona looked around and saw people already gathering, she cleared her throat
“I think we should meet in my office”
“Yeah,okay”,he said following her
After he entered her office and closed the door behind him,they just stood and stared at each other
“So what can I do for you?”,Fiona asked breaking the silence
“Stop”,she interrupted as she held up her hand. She wouldn’t allow him call her by that name with that voice of his that makes her knees weak
“Fiona please…”
“What do you want?”,she interrupted
“Seriously!?”,he shouted
“What do you want from me?”,she threw back
“How about an explanation?”
“What explanation….”,she said as she was moving closer to him where she stopped only an inch away for him and slapped him. She continued “How about you explain to me why you didn’t pick my calls or even reply my messages!”
“Oh my God,Fiona, I lost my phone for Christ’s sake!”
“Now that’s just a blatant lie”
“Except for the fact that I’m not lying, Fifi”
“Leave my office”
“I said leave my office”
“Just go”,she looked at him pleadingly
“I’ll go,Fiona, but I’ll be back. I’ll come back for you,Fiona. You’re not running away from me again, Fifi”,he said as he opened the door and left.

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