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  Date: March 7, 2016

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Na so I drag my three-quarter come up.

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person at the door was no other person than Gordon. The babe just laid on the bed, dragged the bedspread over her body. I looked at my diicckk, the ar’s’hole was still nodding its head. I opened the door
which I had bolted earlier. The was kpokor, smiling sheepishly and looking me in the eyes. This dude need punch oo. He dragged me outside. “attai, men, so na you carry that babe pass.” He asked. Men, I nearly mad. Na wetin make am come knock the door stop me from furkkiing the
pu’#’sy wey I hustle for? Kai, if no be him room, I for abuse am walai.

“Kpokor, make I finish fu’c’k I go tell you
everything.” I said hoping he would let me be. “Make I greet am na.” All this while we were speaking in whispers. Music was blaring in the background. “No na, she dey n’a’ked.”
I replied. “Abeg, pass me that alomo. Man wey sabi” He hailed me. Kai, let me deviate a little bit from the topic. Why do I always get to fu’c’k the hottest chicks? I go ask my mama. I know say me no fine like that but damn, I have seen some fine puss”i’es.

Na so I lock the door back as the guy collect the alomo waka. Him squeeze something put for my hand, I carry up look, na so I see say na enhancement tablet. God go punish this guy o. Babe say she no go do again, him carry tablet dey give me. “Who was that?”
Hannah asked as I settled down on the bed. I had dropped the tablet in my combat pocket.

“My neighbour. The dude wan high oo”
I replied her. She just smiled. Me, I moved
closer o. I knew delaying would be a denial. I grabbed her immediately and started handling her bre’a’st. She tried to resist it but no way o, I increased the intensity of my touches that she was soon squirming under me. She grabbed my d’i’c’k, and was trying to insert it into her pu’ss’y. Kai, no cond$m? You dey madt ni? Na me you wan carry
STD give shey? I asked all these question in my mind. I quickly replaced my diicckk with my finger. The moment my finger entered into her possay, na so she fall back for bed o. She begin dey moan. I dey watch blue film wella and I don fu’cc’k girls wella. Na wetin this one begin yan I never hear before. “yeah baby, touch me… No no, roll your hands on it.

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Not there, yes… right there…. ahhhhh…. push it deeper… ahhhh… foxxyyy… you are killing me..” For where. Na she dey kill me. Na she dey push me go extreme with her moans. Na she dey make my dii”c’k throb more than usual. Na she dey cause
all these things for my body so why she dey

I no know when I put my second hand (I dey
mad make I use the first hand?) into my pocket, I know say I must fu”c”k her. I dey finger am, my hand dey pocket. I quickly put the drug for mouth begin
lick am.

“Fu’$c’k me now pleassseeeeee”
She was begging me. I no need any more invitation, me ma need the fuucckk, I just need to make her lose total control of her body which I just succeed do. I push hand enter pillow, pick condom, carry am give the babe. Na so she wear am for my preek sharp sharp come lie down spread her led. I finger
the toto one more time, carry the same pillow put am for under her ars”e. I draw close, hold my preek with one hand, the other hand rest on top of the bed. I push the preek enter her toto, step by step.

By step by step I mean, push, with, carry rub
toto, push again, withdraw, carry rub toto.
“Foxxxxxxxyyyyy….. Please… Don’t kill me.” My preek for my hand don reach elastic limit as he take strong. Kai, e come dey pain me small small. E be like the drug na quick action o. Na so I ball in toto, push my full length of preek inside. I carry hand hold support for bed come begin give am the
old school missionary style. The pillow just make her Kitty-Cat wey dey collect my preek maintain decorum. I begin whine am slow, fast, slow, twist my waist clock wise, twist am anti-clockwise. Push am enter….

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Na so the toto dey make “hakdfch j;L C ;JFOD
j;fj” Una know the sound wey toto dey make when preek dey enter na. Na wetin the thing just dey do be that. Men, the babe dey sing before she begin talk again.

“I love the way you fuucckk me… Yes… You
fuucckk harddd…. Yeaahhh… OOOooooo… Ushhhhhhh” I swear men my head scatter. E be like I carry person wey dey act blue film come dey fuucckkk.

Some girls wild sha. I turn this bad go side, her knee dey like she fold am, her Bottom dey press together. I begin chop am for that position. I dey give am hard, the soft and bubbly ar’s’e’ dey geve the impact levitation. “kpa kpa kpa”. I turn her round, her ar’s’e just face me, I no dare carry hand touch the toto o. I know say e go don scatter like mayonnaise. I plug my preek begin fuckkk am for that position.

“Please take it easy ooooo…” Na lie o. I dey chop see say I dey advance to release. I turn her round, she spread her legs, I
plug preek, by then I dey on my knees already. Na so I join the legs together come fold one atop the other. Na so the toto hold my preek strong. I begin fuucckk am for that position. The way her cry begin
ring eh, I fear oo. “I want to pisssss…. I want to pissss….”

For my mind I dey tell her… “Go ahead and piss… Go ahead and pisssss….” Men, this babe begin beg me make she go toilet. For where. I no gree. Na so she shake… gbidim gbidim… Bed wet. Her toto slack… She just release with one kind shout… Kai…

“You made me piss on my self.” Who? Me? Na for my friend bed you piss o. I reduce
the speed of the fucckk till her toto come hold my preek again o. I fuucckk am sotay I release. Damn…

I was exhausted but my preek still stand o. I
don withdraw the preek from her toto, my akamu just full condom.
You look gentle o but you are very bad.” Na the best thing wey she tell me throughout she come be that…

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