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  Date: March 7, 2016

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Six am the following morning my alarm woke me up, caro came out of the kitchen..

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I muttered good morning, she replied and ask if i slept well..
I replied her by nodding my head..

Caro ; Cooking already brother
Me ; OK… When are you going to school ??
Caro ; nine o’clock.
Me ; Alright
Caro ; Any problem ?
Me ; not at all.
Caro ; you wanna go with me
Me ; no
Caro ; alright let me check what am cooking..

Go with you ko go with you ni… I forget to ask when she Will back…
I quickly rush to the kitchen,,
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Me ; Aunty when we you be back ?
Caro ; 4pm,, but why did you ask ?
Me ; nothing
Caro ; am suspecting you, why the questions.
Me ; nothing, am sorry..
Caro ; am not angry.. Am just confused with the way you are asking questions ??
Me ; am just being caring.

She laugh out loud when i said that,
Caro ; you being caring ?
Me ; yea
Caro ; ok thanks have heard you..

Went to the bathroom, had my bath,,get dressed.. The food is not ready. .

I picked up my phone switch on my data, i initially wants to read Arsene wenger press conference ahead of Arsenal match tonight, while reading a whatsapp message received. Checked it and is from sheyi

Sheyi ; good morning
Me ; morning, how was your night.
Sheyi ; not that good..
Me ; what happen ?
Sheyi ; thinking about you all night..
Me ; hmmmn, for real ??
Sheyi ; yea,when is she going to school ?
Me ; Nine
Sheyi ; ooops, and this past 7… I want you inside me
Me ; you have got me all day..
Sheyi ; we talk later then…
Me ; alright.

Caro came out of the bathroom and told me ny food is the kitchen Fast forward to 9 o’clock, caro left for school…

I wanted to wait for like ten minutes before calling
sheyi… But its not up to three minutes Caro left, when sheyi joined me..

ME: so soon,
SHEYI: No time jhor… Let’s get down to business,

She’s putting off her cloth while I went to lock the door..
She was already on bed,she spread her like wide, I off my clothes too, join her on bed.. I started kissing and fondling her [email protected] After like five minutes of foreplay..

SHEYI: where is your condom let’s get down..
ME: I don’t have
SHEYI: OK no problem.

I inserted johny and I feel the warmth, I was going gently for the first two minutes, but she order me to increase my speed… I was going in hard like 5 thrust in a second…
In less than two minutes of going hard I Pour in her…. Splashhhhhhhhhhhh
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What’s that, she asked and push me off herself..
ME: am sorry
SHEYI: sorry for yourself, you pour in less than ten minutes..
ME; Is not like that this is my first time
SHEYI: you mean this is your first time of having s*x ME: yea.. Just give another chance I promise to do better

I tried stroking Johnny, the idiot the not respond. She make lie on my back she notice the problem johny is giving, she sat on laps and placed her lips around the head of Johnny, after like ten minutes of licking johny, the idiot is back to life again, veins are visible on it..

She spit saliva on palm, she then rub it on her kittycat.
SHEYI; now I ride

she sat on Johnny slowing, and told to erase my mind from the if I want to last long..

She keep increasing her pace, after like 15 minutes of going up down.. She was amazed, am yet to pour..
SHEYI: baby your turn

I place her bum at the edge of the bed.. I Kneel down very close to the bed raised her right leg up and place it on my shoulder, I spat on johny and stroke it.. I slide then started thrusting faster, she keep moaning and scattering hair..
SHEYI: baby faster uhuhhh
Am cumming.
After she said she’s Cumming, she raised her voice that I had to quickly cover her mouth with my hand. I keep going faster, after like five minutes I was feeling my load..

I quickly eject Johnny place it between her [email protected] and stroke it few times and cummed on her face..
She licked it and we both went to the bathroom. She tried resurrecting johny again, but johnny refuse to.. She left around past 11

I later went out to catch fresh air, that was when I saw Lincoln trying to start his gen..

ME: bro how far
LINCOLN: I dey bro..
ME: wetin do the gen
LINCOLN: Don’t even know.
ME: lemme give a trial
LINCOLN: you want to injure yourself ??
With all the gen you’ve been starting inside since, you want to start this again.

ME: gen ??? I am reading since..
LINCOLN: I saw Sheyi when she entered, and her moaning was very loud that I am hearing from my room..
ME: is not like that she caused it
LINCOLN: am not blaming you now
ME: pls hope you are the only one at home?
LINCOLN: Matthew was around too..
ME: who is Matthew..
LINCOLN: he’s the one that occupied the room beside mine..
But you be bad guy.
ME: no be my fault, na the girl cause am.

Later that day me and Lincoln shag a girl, but it was not that adventurous, Lincoln was the one who fuxked her the girl was only sucking johny…

I left Lincoln’s room @ 3:30 when I get to our own room I realised the bedspread is stained.. I quickly soaked it and spread another one..

Catch you in next episode the slaughtering of Tania

To Be Continued…
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