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  Date: November 3, 2015

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His uncircumsized phallus was as long as that of a horse, if not longer, and I wondered within myself if he would be able to penetrate me.
The phallus stood erect pointing menacingly towards me.

I was still staring at the Alhaji’s long phallus when he suddenly grabbed me and yanked me onto the bed.
My heart instantly flew into my chest.

I had heard lots of stories about ladies who died in the course of this business and I never imagined such fate for myself.
“Please take it easy sir,” I begged squeezing my face.

I guess the sight of my nude body must have charged him beyond control.
“Come here!” He commanded forcing my two legs apart.

I hesitated but gave way as I noticed the aggression accompanying his lust.
I felt sharp pain hit my tummy as he roughly penetrated me. The Alhaji wasn’t romantic at all.
Wam bam wam bam, he rocked back and forth like a bull without control striking the mouth of my womb with reckless abandon.

He continued like this for over one hour before he started groaning in ecstasy as he ejaculated his load inside me.
Then he rolled off and lay on the bed panting.

“Wahali you sweet die,” he said to me fondling my b00bs.
I didn’t respond as I lay still in pain.

I felt cramping pain all over my pelvic region and down my legs.
All through the night, Alhaji f.u.c.k.e.d me mercilessly in every position imaginable.
I couldn’t tell where he got his energy from.

Who knows, he must have taken viagra before coming to the hotel.
He finally slept off around 3am in the morning. By that time I was totally exhausted and almost giving up.

I felt peppery sensation all over my p***y area but endured it after-all my 450k patiently waited for me.
But then something very terrifying happened.

Alhaji was lying dead beside me on the bed by the time I woke up the next morning...

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