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  Date: March 12, 2016

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It was at exactly 8:15 when Pedro and his crew containing three boys and two girls,came knocking. The door was opened by Fiona who was on her way out
“Hi”,she smiled to show good dentals “what can I do for you?”
Pedro spoke up “Don’t wish to bother you but I’m looking for a Ms. Tiara. I think she lives somewhere around this neighborhood but she gave me this address though”
“First,I’ll take care of this. They’re my visitors”,Tiara replied from inside the house. Fiona looked at Tiara,then turned to the visitors.
“Excuse me, I was on my way out. Please do go in”,Fiona said smiling and walked past them.

They entered into the sitting room to meet an already seated Tiara “Please, sit”,she said gesturing for them to sit and they complied
“Good morning”,Pedro greeted
She nodded
“Well, these”,he said pointing at the other people in the sitting room “are my crew”
She nodded
“Would you like an introduction?”
She nodded
“This is Joseph”,he said pointing to a dark complexioned boy,maybe in his late twenties or early thirties. He moved to the next person”This is Sam”,Sam,a really big and macho in some kind of way and has a tight face. He moved on “This is Victoria, prefers to be called ‘Sugar’ “,Victoria could have been beautiful if not for the scars on her face. “This is Sophia and this…”,he said pointing to the fifth person “This is Joel”,Joel’s the youngest on the group-she concluded
“Good. Pedro,I’d us to start work immediately”
“Joel and Sophia would get me a house and car. Pedro,Sam and Victoria would go see Mr. Elliott of Elliott’s paper company”company”

“Why?”,Pedro asked
“I could like to buy his company”
“How do we go about it?”
“Tell him that I would like to buy his company”
“And if he refuses?”
“Then I’ll make him change his mind”

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning that held many promises. The morning sun had just come out giving the environment a beautiful yellowish colour.
Elliott was too busy on the phone that he didn’t notice the amazing sunrise while Pedro couldn’t help but smile, it was looking like one of those days in Panama. He had just stepped out of the car where he’d left Sam and Sugar in the car. He was trying to catch up with Elliott but the man seemed so engrossed with whatever call he was making.
“Hi”,Pedro said,making Elliott stop “Umm good morning”
“Look, there’s no job space for you”
“Actually, I came to deliver a message from Ms. Tiara”
“Tiara?,Tiara Michaels?”
“Yes,Tiara Michaels”
“She wants to buy your company for five million”
“What!”,he said in an outburst “What gave her the right to ask me about selling my company?, did I ever tell her that wanted to sell my company?!. What is it with these peasants when they think they have money!?”
“So I should tell her that you won’t sell?”
“Yeas and tell her even if I had the intention of selling, that I wouldn’t sell to her!. She’s a peasant and would always remain so to me!. Now get out of my face!!”,he shouted but Pedro just smiled and strolled to where the car was parked, he opened the door but before he could sit,Sugar asked him “He refused to sell?”
“Yes”,Pedro answered
“What do you intend to do now?”
“I think I should call her to give us the go ahead”

He reached his pocket, pulled out the phone a d dialled Tiara’s number which she answered on the fourth ring
“Tiara,he refused to sell”,Pedro started
“Hmmm,as expected. Proceed to the next step but make sure his wife and child would not be in”

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