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  Date: November 3, 2015

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I stayed in mbiama near the i walked towards my house my area people greeted me,some that had beef for me ignored me.

finally i was home.but something was amiss,only my compound in that area didn’t have come.i trif to change the fuss,no way.another thing my door was also open.i remember locking this door in the morning.

abi,mama godspower has opened it again and forgot to lock it.i was too tired to confront her this i entered my room it was like i was entering another world.

it was so cold,harmattan cold was not has strong as this na.the whole place was pitch dark though there was full moon outside which would have reflected to my room.i felt a presence in my room.there was someone on my matrass…

“WHO dey there?”i yelled trying to get hold of anything i could use in defence.

no b me all this small cult boys wan take use shine.

”its me” replied a female voice.
na babe mind came down.but who,her voice resembled nkechi.

Nkechi,i have been trying to score that babe for almost a year and now here she is.maybe she has heard about my exploits and have decided to check me out herself.

”Nkechi na you?” i asked.silence.i asked the same question again no wa o.why is nkechi being shy like this.

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maybe she doesn’t want to talk to much.good for me nobody likes a talky talky babe.

”come closer” she said.i felt something urging me to go forward,a mysterious feeling.i took one step at a time towards her.

As i got nearer i felt a cool breeze blow pass.something was definitely not right.who far as i scored Nkechi.No problem atall.the perfume that she wore was so intoxicating that i wanted to just grab her and fire away.i tried to strain my eyes to see in
the darkness.she was unclad.

this was getting need for me to waste my time removing clothes.i grabbed her by the
waist,her skin was smooth and slippery at the same
time.maybe she rub lips met hers in a second.
so soft and supple.

her ran my hand down her back.her hair reached her hips.why was it this long.maybe its this new human hair all this small girls kill body for.i didn’t mind as long as it wasn’t me that paid for the hair.she quickly helped me with my clothes.

it was time to see this beautiful face of hers once again.i reached for the rechargable lamp near my i was about to on it she stopped me.hapa what is wrong with this girl.

I must see her face.another wrong the light went on,i pointed it to her face.

What i saw ehn.was i drunk.but i only drank five bottles na.this was a dream.but i refuse to wake up.

i shook my head i looked again.


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