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  Date: March 7, 2016

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Few metres away from the lodge, my phone rang, brought out the phone, the number was not a saved number, I picked the call
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Me ; hello
Caller ; hello, this is sheyi
Me ; ohh
Sheyi ; flash me when you are back, already check on you
Me ; alright Sheyi ; and dont lock your door
Me ; ok.

She cut the call, am happy shes coming, but how did she know caro is not around ?
I walk in quitely when I get to the lodge, dont want her to know am back, I planned to finish my meal before calling her, switched on the reading lamp I ate my food quitely after like thirty minutes am through with my food..

Picked my phone and flash her, was expecting her to be here in five minutes time, its over thirty minutes already shes not here..
Whats wrong? Is she aware am back since ?

Past nine, shes not here, called her number she did not pick it, I forget about her coming..
About to have my shower when the nepa brought the light, I tied my towel, plug my phone and went to the bathroom, I was in the bathroom when I heard the door open, i am happy finally shes here, I was expecting her to join me in the shower, I waited for some minute before I decided to go and meet her in the bedroom..

Little johny is dagling underneth,my towel around my neck, walk out of the bathroom straight to the bedroom, on getting to the bedroom I had to run back, I know you will be shock why I had to run back, I met aunty caro sitting on the bed with her towel tied around her chest, I did not run back because I was not covering johny, but I was shocked seeing her..

If not for God I would have called her name when I heard the door open..

Caro ; olabep come back have closed my eyes oh/

She said and burst into laughter, I was very ashamed not because of her seeing my johny, but seeing it in that stiff mood, I know she we keep asking herself what I was thinking that made me that stiff hard that night..

Me ; welcome
Caro ; am sorry, thought you heard the door sound when I came back..
Me ; you dont need to.
Caro ; why dont you lock the door
Me ; forgotten,, thought you said, there is a test tomorrow
Caro ; yes, it has been canceled.. Postponed till next week
Me ; ok..
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I put on my cloth picked my phone and on my data connection while caro went to the bathroom, remembered’ have not saved sheyi’s number.. I saved her number, I open my whatsapp application thereafter, I waited for all the pending messages to enter before I start replaying, caro has even message me shes coming back, sheyi also message me she wont be coming again that day..

Sheyi ; caro is back not coming anymore
Me ; what took you so long before,
Me ; we could have been through had it been you showed up earlier
Sheyi ; its not my fault, enny is outside, and there is no how she wont see me… But you should have been thanking your stars too..
Me ; why
Sheyi ; if I had I show up, wont your sister caught us..
Me ; and so
Sheyi ; ahh, so you wont me to look useless
Me ; useless as how
Sheyi ; we just met yesterday, and if she caught us having s*x the following day..
Me ; and we that be the first time that we happen under the sky
Sheyi ; but, its bad. Its just that am attracted to you Me ; am a fine boy now
Sheyi ; shut up jhoor..
Me ; so when are we turning up now,
Sheyi ; anytime your sister is not around
Me ; when we you be back from school tommorrow ?
Sheyi ; no class tomorrow
Me ; alright, I we call you anytime caro is off.
Sheyi ; alright baby.. Good night
Me ; good night dear.

She just call me baby just like that, likesay we dey date, na to just use your body explore my self.
I chat with few more friends before going to bed.. I was ashamed to talk with caro because of the shii that happen earlier just told her sweet dreams, and I blank out…

Am so sorry for this episode there are a lot of blunder
and the episode is not bomb, I promise to make up in the next episodes.. Was not just in good mood when typing this episode.

But watch out for the next episode, in this episode I finally bang sheyi and another girl have not introduce to you..
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