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  Date: May 26, 2016

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As I opened the gate, I saw bimbo with luggage on her head and her stomach is out like a pregnant women…..

Me: wetin be this, you swallow water melon?

Bimbo: you thought I was joking ni abi?

Me: abeg remove the calabash wey dey ur womb jawe…

Bimbo: won’t you allow me in???

Me: in where?

Bimbo: when you were fu-Cking me, you no
know??? Thank God I have a witness!!!

Me: ehn ehn!!

Bimbo: keji, pls come over here Instantly, My brain then brought me something I try to decode that I couldn’t…. The person who
called me to meet her that I rained curse on was keji…

Me: (but how did she knows about Alhaji that she was threatening me with???)
Hmm hmm

Bimbo: maybe you’ll say the truth here

Keji: ekaasan o broda ol’oko nla!!!

Me: oshey o ol’omu nla….

Bimbo: can we now enter o?
Me: enter where, see! Ema fi esu sheyre o!! You know Alhaji go soon come, its better you take your leave on time…

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Bimbo: (shouting)

Me: otito, oya come enter… As I wan let them in, na so Alhaji car come horn…

Me: temi bami o, Chai! Mogbe!! Where I go run to? As I was lamenting, thinking of what to do.. Na so a hand come shake me roughly… I was like leave me alone jor till I realise that it was all a dream….

Voice: you no go wake up mad man…

Me: ala ni sha!! Oshey jare ti o jimi… (So, its a
dream… Thank you for waking me up)

Voice: oun dobo l’oju orun ni? (You dey s*x for dream land ni)

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Me: you can’t understand….. As I get up from dream, na so my phone come ring ‘gran gran gran’ Alhaji again…

Me: ekaaro sir (good morning sir)

Alhaji: go and wash that car for me and clean a shoe for me, but before that go to amoo’s house right now and collect my money from him for me…..

Me: okay sir… On my way to amoo’s house, na so I saw some ladies calling me from afar…..

Voices: fawaz

Me: (shouted) I’m not the one you go land for trouble… I ran swiftly like falcon to amoo’s house then back home…. Its not yet time to give person pregnant….
***THE END***

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