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  Date: November 3, 2015

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me and paul zacchus go way back in my days at uniben.

the guy was a proper 419 with his sweet mouth.
no wonder mami-wata has killed him.

i’m sure he tried to play mami-wata. but he no know say winch pass am.

i had warned him time without number.
i can still remember the day i met him. january 15th 2002 at the auditorum at uniben where i went to do my clearance.

One tall guy approached me. he was fair in complexion,fine boy and was well dressed.
”hey,good afternoon” he said.
i looked him from head to toe he looked harmless enough.

he told me he could help me with my clearance sharp sharp.i agreed.

help me he did.but after the whole thing i found that this harmless guy had played me.clearance that was supposed to cost me 40k this guy collected 65k.

i later tracked him down,i wasn’t going to be played 419 na.i be ijaw boy o.he apologized and returned 2k(which later ended up on mashai).

he told me i could join him that he was in need of a partner.

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We did this for sometime.but paul graduated,so that was the end of our scaming ministry.o!

I miss those days.paul didn’t stop there after he graduated he became a G-boy,correct one for that matter.

who knows maybe its one of those indian people that he played 419 on that came in form of mami-wata.just last year paul suddenly became rich,


.how? Nobody knew.

when you asked him he will just chew his mouth and change the subject.

one thing i liked about paul he was a big spender.he even borrowed me 150k which i never paid i’m hearing he is dead,murdered.abi,mami-wata collect her debt.


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