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  Date: March 12, 2016

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They just had a little chit-chat for the rest of the journey until they got to the hospital. They both strolled into the reception. On seeing Liza’s face filled with distress,Fiona ran.
“What”,she couldn’t find her words “….is happening”.
By then,Tiara has reached. Liza looked up to Tiara “The doctor wants to see you,Tia”,she nodded and strolled into the doctor’s office,she knocked and opened. When the doctor saw her, he gestured for her to come in
“Good morning, Ms. Michaels”
“Good morning, doctor”.
He waited for her to continue but she didn’t’, so he did
“Umm,I’m sorry to tell you this but your mum,Mrs. Peggy Michaels…. she….”,he took a breath, stared hard at Tiara,but she didn’t blink so he decided to just let it out “…she gave up to ghost”.
She nodded “Is that all,doctor?”
“Yes ma’am,that is all”
Tiara stood and left the office

She walked back to the reception and her two sisters ran to meet her before she would get to them,she looked at them,their eyes asking the question they already know the answer to and she decided to let it out
“Mum…..”,she inhaled and exhaled
“Mum is dead”,she finished and her two siblings hugged her and began crying as none of them noticed the shaky tone her voice took and the single tear that streamed down her right eyes which she immediately wiped and held tight to her two kid sisters who needs her to be strong.
She needs to call her dad and a burial needs to be fixed

It was raining. Peggy’s coffin had arrived and had been la!d down with the dark-brownish soil hovering over it. The grave has already been dug. Peggy’s grave stood at the fourth row,fifth column in the cemetery.

Liza stood close to Fiona and was crying on her shoulder and Fiona on the other hand held her sister and she of course,was crying. Tiara stood on her own staring at nothing in particular, wasn’t crying. d!ckson knelt down beside the already finished graveside of his already dead wife crying,begging for Peggy to come back again and live even for a few months or rather,for Peggy to come back,that he deserves to go. He pleaded that he wants to take her place.

The rain had reduced to tiny droplets and the Michaels all stood at the graveside waiting for a heavenly or magical intervention. Everywhere was calm except from the cry of Liza and the sobs of Fiona. d!ckson stood up,walked past the transfixed Tiara to Liza,trying to hold Liza arms,he was stunned when jerked her arm free of his hold
“I hate you. You……you murdered my mum!!”

Tiara came over but Fiona beat her to slapping Liza.
“Elizabeth, I would never kill Peggy. I didn’t kill your mum,the cancer did”
Still holding her face,she said “I don’t believe that”,shaking her head,she continued “Don’t you give me that. You know what,you can all go to hell. The person that ties us together, thanks to you is now dead”
“No don’t say that. I love you, Liza. You are my blood and I didn’t kill your mother, please believe me”
“Believe you”,she scoffed “your drinking got her to this point. To this grave!!”
“His drinking did not result to the cancer, you fool”,said the one with the cold voice.
“You’re…..”,she knew better than to talk back Tiara. She however continued “You know what,I am out of here. I cannot breath the same air with you guys, I cannot live in the house with murderers”,with that she stomped out of the cemetery even when her dad and Fiona shouted “No” in unison, she still walked. Even when Fiona ran after her,she doubled her speed and was too fast for Fiona to catch up with her.
Tiara stood and watched as her dad and Fiona doubled in crying, she still stood,not moving to go after her runaway sister
“I’ve lost her forever. I have lost two important people in my life in the space of five days. What a life”,he said amid tears and Fiona hugged her dad.
“Get up”,came Tiara’s voice urging them to stand on their feet “It’s time to go home. Burial’s over”

Things haven’t been moving well for the Michaels. Not only had d!ckson resumed drinking but also taken up gambling as well.

It has been exactly twenty-one days after the burial of Peggy and disappearance of Liza, Tiara had just come home early due to some problems with the club owner.
She walked into the sitting room and found Fiona lying on the sofa probably in a deep slumber from a long day at work. She tapped her,Fiona stirred and her eyes shut open
“Is dad back?”,Tiara asked
“Don’t know. Checked in his room yet?”. Tiara went in to check,and came some seconds later
“Isn’t in there”
“That can only mean one thing”
“He’s not back”
“And that’s odd”.
After some minutes of waiting that seemed like eternity for Fiona,she jumped up “That’s it. I’m going on the hunt for dad”
“No,you stay. I’ll call when I find something”,Tiara said with the tone of finality and stood up to go on the hunt.

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