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  Date: November 3, 2015

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When I came back to our room later in the afternoon, Stella wanted to know how everything went but I refused to talk to her. This annoyed her so much and she left me alone.

I lay on the bed ruminating over the events of the past night.

After a while I got up, went to my purse and brought out the cheque of two hundred and fifty thousand naira and stared at it one more time.

I had to go and cash it as soon as possible to avoid stories that touch The heart.

I dressed up and went to the bank to cash the cheque and when the cash was handed to me, I couldn’t believe I was the one handling such amount.

The sight of the money gladdened my heart and erased all the depression I felt.
I dropped the money inside my handbag and headed back to my hostel.

I narrated how everything happened to Stella later in the evening when she came back. She smiled after listening to my story and said:”welcome to the game but don’t allow yourself get drugged next time.” I thanked her for her advice.

The next day I went shopping and bought new clothes for lectures and for business. I also bought samsung galaxy smart phone, new handbag and new makeup kit.

I had learnt that the smart phone helped us in getting clients by snapping lewd pictures and uploading to social media where potential clients could contact us.

I submitted pics to different hotels and pleaded with them to contact me incase any guest in their hotel needed company.

The two hundred and fifty thousand naira had increased my interest in the business and there was no going back.

I opened a new bank account and deposited the remainder of the money therein.
Our second semester exams was scheduled to start the next monday and I wasn’t prepared.

But that wasn’t going to be a problem – I knew how to go about it.

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