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  Date: November 3, 2015

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I swaggered out of the company like i owned the place.

at the gate i find ahmed small thing to lock-up and look the other way. one of the first things 4 learned in this our job is that you must settle, from gateman all the way up to your oga if you want anything done fast or else OYO for you.

i had not bought a car at that time so i hailed a keke to take me to mama sere’s place in opolo. it took twenty minutes to get there,the time was 6:30pm.

some of my real guys where already on their 3rd bottle by the time i got there.

i swiftly ordered one chilled heineken from mama of her fine girls brought it to me.oboy if you see what this girl was wearing. the bosoms just stand out from the blouse.

i was more interested in her than the heineken in her a sharp guy that i am i quickly asked her name.’my name na Ebiere” she answered.’i neva see u here before’i went on.”oga me na new girl o”.i say okay.

as she bent down to open the heineken her big bosoms rubbed my arm.

i took a quick glance at them,the two giants where just staring back at me.

i didn’t know when i liked my lips.”come see me later when u dey less busy” i said,she nodded and of my guy sammy started hailing me.”bj u na bros o.see how to dey look am.all those many gfs wey u get nor do u”.

what was this dude saying.”you never hear say the more the merrier”.

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I felt someone tab me on the back.i turned and
saw ebiere standing there smiling.she had changed her clothes,she was now wearing a short skirt that was well above the knee,and a shirt that showed her cleaves for all to see.

she whispered something that only i could hear.

i nodded and waved her off.after she was gone i told my friends i wanted to take a piss.
it didn’t take me time to find the door with “toilet” inscribed ontop.i got a sudden feeling of de javu as i saw this sign,this was where i had scored some three other chicks.a smile found itself on one side of my face.i shook it off and stepped.there she was waiting.,
‘can you handle me?’ she asked.’

lets wait and see i all started with the lipsing,then i took it a little further as i stretched my hand down there,i rummaged the surface and found she was not wearing panties.

my fingers went to work.
the groans that filled the air was enough to encourage me.her hands found my senior bros,by this time he was very angry and ready to attack.

and attack he canine to help in this all but took minutes and it was all over.she left first,and after waiting for some time i followed and went back to our drinking table whispering like i was coming back from emptying my bladder.

funny me.


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