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  Date: March 12, 2016

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Liza Michaels has been with their mum,seeing her mum transform to something she had no idea of the name. Looking pale;her once round – shaped red lips turning blue by the day,her once silky red hair had almost fallen,her grey eyes blinded with lost hope. Peggy Michaels wears the face of something who has lost the battle to fight death.

Liza Michaels,the 16- year old daughter of d!ckson and Peggy Michaels, beautiful in every aspect, looks pump,has a browned coloured skin,piercing grey eyes like that of her mother and a charming smile. Her mother had once told her that her smile reminds her,Peggy,of lighting hitting the sea and that had made her day- her year

Liza looked down on the woman lying on the hospital bed with such tender love,just then her mother’s eyes shot open, she smiled and held up her hand to touch her daughter’s check and said “Lighting hitting the sea”,in a weak voice and smiled again, just then, she closed her eyes and the machines began beeping….

Tiara walked into the small sitting room that barely contains two cushions and a small television set that had almost been sold. She saw Fiona standing by a cushion and crossed to where she stood
“Did you give dad the money?”,Tiara asked
“Yes and he refused to take it”,she responded
“Well,that sounds odd”,knowing something has changed in their father.
“Were you able to get an advance?”,Fiona restored the conversation
“Well,if you’re ready,we can both go together. I wanna see mum”
“I am”
“I don’t know if you have this weird feeling but something tells me mum’s not gonna last”,she restored yet another lost conversation

“Hmmm”,was only Tiara’s reply and Fiona knew that was the end of the conversation and wondered how boring her sister is. She knew Tiara said less but after she dropped out of school and started working at the Temptation, she worsened. She remembered vividly that Tiara and she do talk a lot,mostly about boys- Joshua to be precised.

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