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  Date: November 3, 2015

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Two minutes later the items were brought in one after the other, then came the famous holy cane, it was wrapped in red cloth so i couldn’t see what it looked like.

he ordered them to bring the water,which he sprinkled on my body while he chanted in yoruba and danced around me. this went on for another 4-six minutes.

it was time to unleash the holy cane.he unwraped it from its cloth with the help of one of his aides.behold what i saw before me wasn’t just an ordinary cane.

i’m sure this came from hell than from heaven. it was 45cm long, its weight and breadth was left to my imagingation.

i could not estimate the substance it was made from(either metal or wood or metal and wood), but what i could estimate was the amount of damage it will inflict on my body.

He raised it up for all to see, it was sparkling as the sun rays hit it from the open window.
demon extinquisher took the oil and rubbed it round the holy cane,he did not rush atall,he did it with as much care as possible, like he was pampering a crying child.i could see this cane had sentimental value to him(sumtin i will later use to my advantage).

to add the final finishings he spat on it,my heart jumped up at was a cold harmatan morning but i could feel the sweat dropping from my body.”angel
michael,angel gabriel.oh!angel rachael,sepharim take charge”he said,spit ran out of his mouth as he yelled.

he raised the cane up high,as high as possible.i closed my eyes and braced myself for impact.

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WHOOP!! It came down hard and fast. i swear to God i have never felt such pain in my life. oboy na die i dey so. but i be man i wouldn’t cry na. aba that na falling hand.

so naive i was..then came the second and third.
i tightened my body and clenched my fist.

by the time the fourth and 5th missiles landed i felt something hot, liquid between my legs. poo!i don piss for body. the sixth,seventh and 8th, i didn’t know when i started calling out “mama biko.

take am easy. i be your pikin na”. the 9th and 10th…..

Chai!!! See what that fine mami-wata girl has caused o. i could have followed her to her kingdom than to bear this na. if they had filmed it and showed me i would i have denied. but here i was crying,begging,rolling in my filth.

my mind slowly drifted back to that night,10days ago when i met that yeye mami-wata gal.

That day the harmatan season just started and i had to leave work early. i a job in abate oil and gas,to tell you the truth i never struggled to get a job.

as a fresh ijaw boy that came from a community that had oil getting a job wasn’t hard, just settle community the work is yours.

if the oil company refuses to give us youth that just graduated then they would have big wahala on their hands.

before i 4get my name is benjamin john ebuka opuowei. my real guys call me bj (not what you think). the name ebuka came from my mothers side. she is an igbo woman..


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