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  Date: October 16, 2016

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I sharpaly took the bike and headed towards the atm… The bike man was just driving rough and entering pothholes as if they ave sent him to make sure i dont reach my destination…

Economy nigeria yii le fa, can you believe av not eaten, this buhari time is hard oo…. Even my wife is, pure water is now 10 naira………..”
This bikeman sha kept disturbing me with useless economic discussions and tried so hard to strike a conversation but na that 80k dey my mind …. I couldnt wait for him to just drop me at my destination…

On my way, many thoughts flashed through my mind… What if it was rufus the phone repairer that hacked my phone and sent the msg so that I will come to the atm and he will send boys to beat me up….. ???

No.,. He wouldnt do that , there is no greater
punishment than the one he has already given me….. Abi na person mistakenly send the money. Ni… If na mistake ,the person don make costly mistake be that because even if heaven come down, i no dey return one kobo of this money…..

:. Oga na 100 naira be your money……
Since when he turn 100 naira… I asked as I watched him looked at the 60 naira i gave him with a stern face….

Oga , na 100 naira jor…. He said harshly as he made attempt to park his bike and remove his key so as to engage in a free for all fight with me…

Shior , na you devil send….. I just gave him the 100 naira like that make he allow my pikin come… Eleribu omo…. ATM, here i come…. It had better be true ooo . Immediately i alighted from the bike, I went
straight to the ATM….. I greeted the people I met there and inquired if the ATM was dispensing….

It was after the confirmation of the dispensation of the automated innovation that i now render the Popular ATM anthem…

Are you the last person on the que…

Yes…. …the last lady replied sternly… Person go easily know say na one of those pple wey con withdraw 500 she be…

Ok, am at your back.

And with that i hung round.i just dey pray make he no reach my turn make machine talk say no longer dispensing… I go kill myself or commit suicide ni because the person wey do mistake send am fit don sharpaly rectify the error if i no withdraw the damn thing today.,.

One bros come talk say he get emergency make I allow am enter my front withdraw, na the eye I take look am send am comot..we wey we dey line get two head…

Emergency kor, Oliver twist ni….

When it was my turn , i quickly jumped forward, crossed my heart and inserted my atm card…

The thing ask for pin… I put am….

Account ,,, saving….

As i sabi say the money wey dey my account no kuku reach 3k before, i typed in 20 thousand naira only… Make i just test run am…

Make e no con be like say na jonzing i dey….
So help me God.

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