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  Date: November 3, 2015

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“What do you think you have done?” The
babalawo asked visibly annoyed. “I mean what exactly did you just do now?”

“Baba please forgive me,” I begged. “I didn’t know when I did it.” “You didn’t know when you did what? My dear you’re in big soup.” “Baba please forgive me,” I begged.

“You just desecrated my temple and rendered my effort useless. The spirits are very angry and you must appease them.”

I sq££zed my face as I listened to what the baba was saying.

“First of all, you have to clean up this vomit on my floor, then you have to bring one white fowl, 3eggs and hundred thousand naira.”

“Baba I don’t have such amount,” I protested. “Then watch and see what will happen.”

I left the babalawo’s shrine totally confused of what to do. The afternoon sun was shining with great intensity radiating very hot rays on my skin.

I was bereft of ideas. My money had gone down to the extent that I didn’t have hundred thousand to give the babalawo. And then, the other items he asked me to buy, I didn’t know where and how to buy them.

I stopped one cab driving past me and asked him to drop me at La Teresia lodge for that was the name of our hostel. “N500,” the cab man told me. 300,” I haggled pretending like

I was searching for another cab. “Oya enter 400.” “I no carry 400. Na 300 I carry.”
“Enter,” the cab-man finally agreed. I entered the cab and drove back to my hostel.

Then I paid the man and alighted. Then I knocked and entered my room.
“Your mum left few minutes ago,” my roommate informed as soon as I entered.

“My mum?”
“What for?” I asked looking visibly surprised.
“She didn’t tell me. She waited and waited and when you didn’t come back she left. Maybe you should call her and find out.”
I went out to a shop nearby and bought airtime. Then I dialled my mum’s number.

“Your dad is very sick,” my mum informed me as soon as she picked my call. “He will be going for surgery and he requested that you come home incase.”

The news shocked me and I didn’t know what to say. “I was in your hostel this afternoon but your roommate said you went out,” my mum continued. “Where did you go?”

“I went to make my hair,” I lied.
“Please come home, your dad is waiting,” my mum continued obviously not impressed by my reply.

“Ok ma…” I replied and hung up.
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