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  Date: March 7, 2016

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Fear catch me o, I just know say I gats carry the romance enter another level. I carry my hand go lower, all this while, I ignore the place. I feel her hand for my own, my mind shake say she wan push my hand throway. E for bad sha.

Babe allow you see fresh breasst, allow you kiss fresh lips then come deny you toto. Na molest sure pass na (na joke o but conji get him own level of thinking). Na so her hand aid me pull her pencil trouser go down. See, pencil trouser dey hard to pull sometimes but the kind conji wey hold me eh, no time, na so I slide the thing sharpaly comot from her leg. I drop my hand there. Shiittt… Na so the place warm, come hot, come sweet, come dey
oily, come wet at the same time. I just dey for world of my own.

I carry hand squeeze the pussyy lips together.
This babe don begin kiss me again but na lie, I refused to be distracted. I adjust my finger, just slide am enter inside her Kitty-Cat. As we stand, na so the thing hard to enter. The babe gatz raise her leg up small give me access. Na the access wey I see make me begin finger fuucckk her. Na so her wetness just dey rush for my finger while she just dey moan inside my mouth. I move go her femalecore begin draw zero (0) top both clockwise and anti-clock wise. E just dey as if the babe go gaga as she just carry one leg wrap me for body. Crazy standing position.

Her hand just grab my diicckk for the first time begin tug. Na so she dey rub am in a hurry so tay the thing no come dey sweet me, e just dey like say my joystick wan cut. Na so I hold her hand make she reduce the speed, na so she ma code begin rub my preek jejely. I dey finger her, she dey rub my preek. Men, I just know say toto don sure.

I carry hand hold the buckle of my belt, whola,
the belt find im way comot from my waist. Na so me and this babe begin struggle who go remove my belt. E just dey like say both of us dey possessed. Who no go possess? Toto get power self pass some guns. While gun go give you pain come kill you, toto go sweet you, make you laugh, make you cry, give you pain come finally kill you. And na the death self dey pain pass. You die on top toto, men, people wey go come do funeral procession go dey look your body anyhow.

As my trouser just drop, na so this babe go down immediately, my diicckk find im way enter inside her mouth. Mouth Gig different ooo. Na so thgis babe begin suuckk my preek, she dey twist her tongue on top, she go push her mouth enter finish until she don almost (my preek big na ) swallow am, she go come make sound like say she wan vomit, na so she go bring am out. She go comot am begin use her hand dey self-service am. She go concentrate for the head sotey I go begin beg.
Finally this babe just begin suck my preek fast fast, my abdomen dey constrict, my breath dey up, my eyes don roll go up. Na so my leg begin shake. Kai, I carry hand hold this girl head for place, my balls just do my kind thing, earth just change. Men, I begin se e different colours. I dey move waist go front while she just stay in place dey squeeze my balls. Na so I release enter this babe mouth. Men, my diick head just over sensitive at once. Me, I
pull am out o but damn, the babe hold am. She
throway the Pour wey been enter her mouth come begin stroke my preek again. Na so the johnson ma react almost immediately. As my diickk strong, men this babe just rise up, hold me for neck come begin kiss me.

Her leg just go round my waist while me just do the normal thing. I carry hand hold my preek, bend down small come plug the preek inside her toto. O boy, the place don hot pass 100 degree celcius. I just begin dig inside. As each time dey pass, na so my digging dey fast until I come begin weak some how. Na so I turn this babe. She hold wall come adjust her nyash like say she wan squat. From there, na so I just insert my preek enter. I hold her waist while she come start to dey move up and
down. O boy, she dey grind me until my strength come back. Na so I draw her nyash go back, adjust her come begin fuucck her hard from back.

I dey enter her, she dey squeal like say na pig wey dem dey cut im neck. Maybe na because of say we dey outside sha. I hammer this babe till she begin beg make I release say all the water for her toto don dry finish. For here, I comot preek, carry saliva rub am, push back inside toto. How I go invest for something, I no go chop that thing to the fullest.

Na so I fuucckk her until I release inside her. That release self get im own story.

Na all night her people go o. She still drag me
inside, we go continue. Na there she make that statement wey dey the beginning of this story. Na fucckk we just dey fuucck fuucck till 4:00am wey I wear cloth tell her say I don dey go. The babe just do her face like say she wan cry.

“Foxy, I will miss you till we meet again”

My ear ring.

“There aint no again between us”

I drop the bombshell.

“Fucckk yoouu and fuucckk your pusssyyy. I stopped loving you a long time ago. Goodluck
with finding love again.”

Na so I open gate leave her as she bend down
begin cry. I just close my ears waka go house. That evening, na so police show, pick me up, put handcuff for my hands while the policemen and she with her mother wey follow her begin call me…


Lol, English don suffer sha. Na 2 days I spend for cell but e worth am sha. Toto no be toto until strong preek don chop am. My mission accomplish so I no lose for any side. She pulled her pants… I F’u’c’k’e’d!!!!

****THE END****
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