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  Date: March 12, 2016

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“I think that’s a good idea”Fiona said
“I’ve already called the police and they are on their way”
“Fine,we’ll just wait for them”
“They’ll be here soon. Fifi,thank you. I didn’t know how I would have managed under this circu-mstances”
“It’s no problem, you would have done the same for me”
“Promise me you will never leave me”
“Promise me”
“I promise”
“Thank you,love,I’ll just go in and see how my dad is doing”,Joshua said,kissing Fiona on the cheek and strode out.

About two doors down, a lone figure stood with a nameless lab coat stood watching as Joshua and Fiona talked and watched as Joshua left. He remembered how he bumped into Fiona but hadn’t recognized him because of the disguise he wore but then he had noticed a glint of suspicion in her eyes
Her remembered all the plans that he had made. He had walked into hospital as a visitor wanting to see a relative. At first, when he entered GHH and saw too many doctors with different colours of uniforms, some of them running.
He remembered the plan for the job and it seemed simple. Get to the hospital, survey the place, keep your head low,get to the dressing room and put on a lab coat on,get to the drug room and steal the drug that needed to be stolen, do what needs to be done and get the hell out of there. It had seemed so simple then but he had had problems with picking out a colour from the variety of uniforms,he was confused so he settled with pink.

He watched as Fiona stood against the wall,he looked backwards and saw men with black uniform–of course it wasn’t a uniform of the hospital but of the police. He knew he had to make his move,he didn’t expect to see the police, he had to act quick and fast and he had to move in now.

He moved towards the nurses’ station and fortunately, there was nobody present, so he pick up a chart,checked his time and knew he had wasted five minutes, so he began taking quick strides to Paul’s room. When he got to the door,Paul was was clearing his throat,ready to make a statement. He took a deep breath,balanced the medicated glasses he wore and went in
“Good day gentleman, I am Dr Obika,your new doctor”,he said
“Where is Dr Amadi?”,Paul asked
“Dr Amadi has been assigned to another case”,he turned to the policemen “If you’ll excuse me officers, I’ll have to give my patient his dose”
“We’ll shall be back you then continue with your statement,Sir”,one of them and they left.
He brought out an injection that has ugly looking red liquid inside it
“You don’t look like a doctor”,Paul said
He pierced the syringe of the injection into Paul’s arm and said “No I don’t because I’m not”,but it was too late because all the dose were inside his body and he continued “And Tiara says hi”

“Joshua….”,Dr Amadi called “I’m sorry,we did all we could”
“But he was stable. How could this happen?”
“Joshua, your dad made a mistake of refusing treatment before talking to the police”
“So you’re saying it’s normal”
“But what’s the cause? why can’t he talk? why can’t he do anything?”
“His brain is damaged, Joshua, his brain can’t send signal to parts of the body”
“Can you treat him?”
“I’m sorry but no one can”
“Doc,could it be possible for a doctor to wear a non imprinted lab coat?”,Fiona spoke for the first time
“Yes,of course it is”
“Fifi,what’s the problem?, Joshua asked
“I think I saw someone with a non imprinted lab coat and looking suspicious”
“What do you mean?”
“Joshua, the guy was nervous”
“What was the colour of the uniform?”,Dr Amadi asked
“That explains it. He’s an intern,most interns are nervous because of the pressure”
“You’ll have to excuse me”,Dr Amadi said and left
Joshua looked at Fiona and knew she wasn’t convinced
“My love,what is it?”
“I don’t know, Joshua, but something happened to your dad and I think the brain damage was induced”
“And you want me to bring the police in on this”
“I think they should start an investigation”

“Sam,take me to Good Hope”,Tiara said
“Do you think that’s wise,Tiara?”,Pedro asked
“Paul was a faceless enemy to my dad but I am not. I want him to see me,I want him to see his nightmare”

When Tiara arrived at GHH,she saw why the plan was carried out easily without anyone noticing Joseph.
Paul would have been dead but thanks to Pedro he would live to suffer. She was sure he won’t be able to talk,write,he wouldn’t be able to do anything.
She thought of how his face would look like when he sees her and she smiled

When she reached the nurses’ station, they showed her Paul’s room.
When she entered Paul’s room, she found out that Paul was already asleep and she saw Fiona and Joshua sitting together making a conversation though it was inaudible. When Fiona saw her,she jumped from her seat,surprise written all over her face
“Tiara,what are you doing here?”,Fiona asked
“Tia!! Oh my God!,it’s been long”,Joshua said
“Joshua, it’s been long”,Tiara said,forcing a smile
“How are you doing, Tia? you guys just disappeared”
“I’m good,Joshua, how are you?”
“I’m fine. I would have asked for a hug but I remember you don’t hug”
“I don’t. So I see you guys are back together”
Joshua walked to Fiona and brought her to his side and said “Oh Tia,I didn’t know what I would have done without Fifi by my side. You know, she even suggested that there was foul play because she saw a doctor looking suspicious and insisted I call the police to investigate”
Fiona turned white

Tiara turned to Joshua “I hope you’re doing everything Fiona says”
“Yes I am”
“Good. If you need anything from me,please do call me”
“Thank you,Tia”
“I came to see Uncle Paul but since he’s asleep, I’ll check in some other time. I have to attend a meeting”,she turned to Fiona “We’ll meet at home, Fi”,she produced a forceful smile and left

When Tiara entered the car,her body suddenly became hot. When Joseph told her Fiona might have recognized him,she thought Joseph was bluffing. She wondered if asking Fiona to date Joshua was the right thing but the most important thing now is that Paul Green had been taken care of. She wanted Paul Green to see her,perhaps she would go back again. Her mind drifted back to Fiona, Fiona is acting like teenager in love. For Christ’s sake she had promised her dad of revenge and she was sure her dad would be turning in his grave
One thing was for certain, nobody would come between her and the revenge,not even Fiona. Fiona had betrayed her and people who betrayed her always pay,even Fiona would.

While Fiona was coming back home,she became amused of how good an actress Tiara is,she almost fell for the “I came to see Uncle Paul” bullshit. Tiara was a snake and she was sure Tiara would give it to her when she gets home. She wondered why Tiara can’t move on and forget about the wh0l£ revenge bullshit. Can’t she just fall in love?
The reason why Joshua to investigate was because she Tiara needed to be stopped and because Joshua was too attached to his father and couldn’t bear to see Joshua suffer because of Tiara and useless revenge mission.

“Welcome back” Tiara greeted,startling Fiona
“Tiara,it is not what you think”
“I cooked”
“Tiara please……..”
“Jellof rice with chopped beef,which happens to be your best”
“If you need an explanation, I’ll give it to you”
“No I trust you,that is why you need to eat and rest. I am going to bed. Goodnight”,Tiara said and left

When Tiara left,Fiona knew there were no truth in Tiara’s word. Tiara was planning something.

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