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  Date: March 12, 2016

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“Dr Amadi, where’s my dad? how is he doing?”,Joshua asked immediately he stomped into Dr Amadi’s office
“Please have a seat,Mr Green”,the middle aged man said pointing to a seat opposite him. When Joshua sat, he continued “Your dad will be alright. The only challenge is that he has to regain consciousness in the next seventy-two hours or he would be declared brain dead”
“Can’t you treat him now?”
“What are chances that he will regain consciousness?”
“Well,seventy-seven percent says he will and twenty-three say he will be declared brain dead”
“That’s not good enough. What do you say,doctor?”
“It is not in my place to say. Everything depends on your father and how willing he is in fighting for his life”
“God! how’s Segun,the driver?”
“His legs got stuck and there was little time to try and pull it out so it was amputated but he’s losing a lot of blood”
“If you don’t mind,Mr Green,I will go make my rounds on my patients. Excuse me”,he said getting up
“Thank you”
“Please make yourself comfortable, there are fruits in the fridge”
“I’ll be alright. Thank you,Amadi”
He had to call Fiona,she had asked for the name of the hospital, she wanted to come and having there with him seemed like the best thing.

Good Hope Hospital is a three-storey building. Among the best in Port Harcourt, situated at the South side of the city. It has over eight hundred working ranging from doctors to nurses to lab attendants to cleaners,making it difficult to know all workers.
Good Hope Hospital employ over hundred interns every year that would be placed under the supervision of a resident,this resident would be responsible for everything the intern does. After the year runs out,fifty of the interns would asked to leave,twenty-five would be kept on trial and after six months,twenty out of the twenty-five asked to leave.

Working in Good Hope was every medical pract!tioner’s dream in Port Harcourt, it has won the best hospital in the state for five years in a row.

“I think we should get the police to investigate”,Fiona told Joshua.

“What? Why?”,Joshua asked shocked
“Because I think I know who did…..”
“Mr Green….” Dr Amadi interrupted “Can I have a word with you,please?”
“I’ll be right back,Fiona,wait for me. Don’t leave me”,he said and followed the doctor
After the two men were out,Fiona thought of what had led her to saying that. It had started the moment Tiara had silently ended the conversation they were having in the kitchen by walking out of the kitchen, Fiona had wanted to ask her a question regarding the paper company, so she went to look for Tiara in her room,she was about opening the door when she heard “GHH”. She went into her room thinking what it meant and then Joshua’s call quenched her curiosity, Joshua told her his dad was at Good Hope Hospital, she then put two and two together and realized “GHH” was actually the abbreviation of Good Hope Hospital and she remembered Tiara’s word “He’ll live but there’s more to come”. Getting into her car and driving out of the compound, she summarized everything and the answer was put into a simple sentence—Tiara is planning an attack on Paul’s life in the hospital. But then there are questions she asks herself,the first one,if Tiara planned the accident, why didn’t she arrange to have him killed in the accident? why wait to kill him in the hospital. The second question; how was Tiara planning to murder Paul in the hospital, could it be through a paid doctor?, a paid nurse? how?. The third question; can that kind of crime be committed in the hospital without the doctors and nurses knowing?. No,Tiara’s plan won’t work this time,the plan was doomed to fail and Paul would live because he deserves to,he deserves a second chance, everybody deserves a second chance,even the devil.

Taking a ‘U’ turn, she realized that all those years that Tiara and she grew up together as kids,she never really knew who Tiara was but now she knows who that being in the name of Tiara was ;an authoritative, cold and devilish girl.
When Fiona reached the hospital and got out from her car,she stepped into the hospital, she realized it was like a carnival,there were lots of people dressed in white lab coats with different colours of uniforms; blue,pink,green,and she wondered why.
She pressed a group of doctors and noticed their names were imprinted on their lab coat. Still,she walked on and midway into the hospital, she bumped into someone who doesn’t seem to belong in the hospital but still she wanted to apologize for her carelessness, so she looked at the top of the lab coat and noticed his name wasn’t imprinted on his lab coat but before she could say anything,he nodded and walked past her………..
“Fifi……..”,Joshua called her back to attention “My dad regained consciousness and he’s requesting for one thing before the doctors treat him”
“The police”

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