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  Date: March 12, 2016

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As Paul dropped the call,he knew something had to be done. He had never liked Tiara,he remembered when he told d!ckson that she was too cold. Paul stood up and pacing, he knew he had been foolish to think Fiona was the dangerous one,he hadn’t even thought of Tiara. Paul sat down on his leather chair,he shook his head as he remembered Tiara’s word “There’s going to be a bloodbath, one of us us going six feet under and I promise you it won’t be me” God!! she had practically said he was going to die “Six feet under”,that means death, doesn’t it?
Tiara must be taken care of before it was too late. He had dismissed the thought of a hired assassin but now he doesn’t give a hoot about it,but it’s also a risk, he doesn’t want to spoil his reputation. He thought for a while and began pacing again, suddenly a thought made his mouth curved into a smile. He was going to travel out of the state and handle Tiara from there,that would be a good alibi.
He reached for his intercom “Schedule the next flight to Abuja for me. I’ll just go home and pack a few things”
“Will you be leaving on your private plane?”
“I said no”
“Is this a business trip,Sir?”
“No,I am on a vocation and I don’t know when I’ll be back”

“Is my sister in?”,Tiara asked Fiona’s Secretary
“Yes Madam but she’s with a visitor”
She wanted to say “Madam,I cannot say”,but she stopped herself before the words could come out. Rumors had it she’s the real owner of the company
“Mr Joshua Green. Should I tell her you would like to see her?”
It would be better they reunited as quick as possible, she thought as she left

When Paul Green got to the garage, he thought against going to his house without his driver because he doesn’t think he could drive under this ugly circu-mstances
“Good day, Sir”,his driver greeted
“Yes. Take me home”
“Yes Sir”
The driver held open the car door and Paul hopped in. Within three minutes, they hit the main roads of Port-Harcourt City.

Somewhere along the road,another car with two [email protected] parked at the “T” junction, apparently waiting for someone or a car.

He thought he was lucky,he thought he would win her,he thought she would be one that would go six feet under but inside him,he felt foolish for having to run away from a little kid who once called him “Uncle Paul” because she threatened him
How did she know he killed her father?,Perhaps it was Elliott who told her,maybe she had threatened him and he spat everything. God!! Elliott was such a woman.
Now Tiara wants to take revenge on him. He had once told d!ckson that his children behaved like rebels but at that time d!ckson thought he meant it as a joke. Well,he wasn’t joking and one thing happens to rebels—they all die. The thought of that made him smile. He loved taking the responsibility of d!ckson’s death and taking that of his children will fell even more better and he would laugh at them at their graveside a………..
His thoughts were chattered when he heard a loud collusion and all he saw was darkness before falling into a sleep he knew not when he would wake from.

“Fiona,please”,Joshua pleaded
” You left me when I needed you”
“Goddamn it,Fiona,how many times do I have to explain that to you?”
“You weren’t explaining, you were lying”
” What? how can you say that? you know I’m also the victim here”
“No,I am the victim. I called you tons of times, left you dozens of messages but you never called nor did you reply”
“What? but I just told you I lost my phone and when I stayed for weeks without your line going through nor getting your calls,I decided to to check up on you,so I went to your house and nobody was there, the gate was locked on the outside”
“Wow,bravo,that was a nice speech”
“That wasn’t a speech”
“What was it then?”
“The truth”
“No,it’s far from the truth. So I guess after losing your phone,you lost your laptop too”,Fiona said mockingly
“Fiona,you know I don’t do well with sarcasms”
“So the person who stole your phone,stole your laptop along”
“Why do you keep making facetious comments?”
“You haven’t answered my question. Thinking of yet another lie?”
“Fiona! what is wrong with you?”
“You haven’t answered”
“My email was blocked”
“Wow,how convenient”
“Fiona,what’s wrong with you?”
“You abandoned me”
“Fifi…….”,he calling going close
“Your phone’s making noise”
“Oh poo”,he stopped
He didn’t even notice the phone ringing. He brought it out,checked and saw it was an unfamiliar number. His first thought was to drop the call but he found himself answering it and looking at Fiona at the same time
“Yes,this is Joshua Green…. what?….”
Though it wasn’t obvious but she could still see the colour drain from his face
“…..Where? okay,I’ll be on my way”,he ended it
“Something wrong?”,she found herself asking before she could even stop herself
“Yes. My dad just had an accident. I am going to the hospital now”
“Okay,what hospital? I could meet you there”
“No, it’s not necessary or I could text you the name and it’s address. I just need to go”
“Okay,no problem. I mean of course”. In two quick strides, he reached the door and turned saying “I’ll be back,Fiona. This conversation isn’t over”,and strode out

When Joshua left,her mind pondered on a statement “I have to deal with Paul” she had to see Tiara

The journey back home had been too tiring,she had to spend precious hours because of the traffic jam.
How would Tiara go that far,the man might be dead. The reason she wanted to see Tiara was because she wanted so badly for Tiara to say it was a lie,that she had no hand in Paul’s accident. Driving into the compound of their new mansion, she began to doubt herself.
She met Tiara in the kitchen
“Paul had an accident”,Fiona said looking for facial expressions, when she saw none, she thought maybe she should go straight to the point
“You had something to do with it,true?
No answer
“You could at least come out with the truth”
“He could die from the accident”
“He’ll live but there’s more to come”,she walked past Fiona—–discussion ended

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