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  Date: March 7, 2016

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To her…

Caro: now tell me how did she get that picture ??

Me: i don’t know too.. I will have to ask her.

Caro: what about her status..

Me: that may be for someone else..

Caro: ahhhh, who implant lieing gem in you… Someone hashtag your
name and you are here telling me shits..

Me: am sorry.. But i know nothing about whats going on..
You can ask her yourself ?

Caro: let me tell you this.. I am not going to ask her anything..
You are the one that,i will warn.

Me: warn me?

Caro: yea… I don’t want to see you talk to her anymore..

Me: is that all

Caro: no

Me: whatelse ?

Caro: not only her, i don’t want you to associate with anybody in this
You are here to study not to make friends.

Me: what about you, can i still associate with you

Caro: are you silly

Me: laughing! Laughing!! Am not silly..
I can see that she was angry when i reply her..

Caro: so you now have the guts to reply me ?

I also form angry..

Me: am sorry.. Won’t do that again ma. “Still laughing

Caro: why won’t you laugh
When you now date my mate

Me: pls stop impersonating me..
I walk out on her after making that statement..

I went back to lincoln
room.. I dialed sheyi number when i get there…

Sheyi: hello

Me: what’s your whatsapp dp and status all about ?

Sheyi: is that why you can’t even return my hello..

Me: yea.. I won’t to know what prompt you to upload that pics and
where you got it.. ?

Sheyi: ok, can you come to my room so that i can explain better my
roommates are not around..

Me: no i can’t.

Sheyi: ok which once did you want me to answer first ?

Me: just answer anyone first

Sheyi: ok, i got that picture from your facebook mobile uploads

Me: why did you now upload it as your dp ?

Sheyi: am only trying to show my love to you..

Me: see, you will have to remove the picture and the status..

Sheyi: why ?

Me: You almost got me into trouble

Sheyi: how?

Me: pls just do that,if you love me for real.

Sheyi: ok i we

Me: thanks.

Sheyi: did you even love me?

Me: you are twenty right ?

Sheyi: yea.

Me: am just sixteen

Sheyi : that’s not the right answer to my question..

I end the call immediately.. Can’t she understand that, the reply i
gave her is no.. Mtcheew

Caro had call three times already, the fourth one came in i did not
pick.. Sheyi keep calling too…i did not pick..

She even text me that
she had removed the status.. I still don’t pick her call.. Past 8
lincoln still neva show.. I left his room.. I make sure i frown my
face before entering caro room..

Caro: where have you been ? I have been calling since

Me: i did not receive anycall

Caro: let me see your phone
I locked it and give it to her..

Caro: you locked it..
I did not answer her.. I went to the bathroom without asking for my
own food.. While in bathroom..

Caro: your food is in the kitchen..
I did not reply her.. I came back to the room, i collected my phone
from her and plug it.. I went to bed straight..

Caro: won’t you eat?

Me: yea.. Thank you

Caro: why ??

Me: nothing, i just feel like

Caro: am sorry, if it’s because of what happen in the

Me: no..and pls you will see me off to the motor park tomorrow..

Caro: where are you going.. ?
“surprise written on her face

Me: am going home..

Caro: but i already told you am sorry.. You are the one Am trying to
protect.. That girl is older than you !
Me: i never told you am angry..

Caro: so what will you tell them when you get home..

Me: nothing

Caro: i am really sorry dear.. I was only acting to dads instructions

Me: so dad told you to call me, an idiot

Caro: i never called you an idiot..

Me: but you asked if am silly.. ?

Caro: am sorry i don’t mean that.. Am only trying to scold you..

Me: ok have heard you..

Caro: should i help you bring your food ?

Me: thank you am not eating..

Caro: ahhahah… Are you still angry ?

Me: i never told you am angry..
She move closer to me on bed.. Begging with sweet word, when someone
open the door..

Guess who ??

Catch you in next episode..

To Be Continued…

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