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  Date: March 7, 2016

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“So cute was the bliss” Some people know how e carry happen here. I go skip am. When she dropped the question, I was thinking of how best to answer her. I have feelings for the person I just spoke with and being the faithful kinda guy, I was not going to deny her.

“She is my friend. A very close one” I looked her dead in the eye. In other words, I had just told her the plain truth. Now people especially girls hate being told the truth. She
looked at me, her eyes darkened like she was trying to make up her mind.

“Who am I to you” Kai… Fuckmate na. I no say that one o. “You are an intimate friend to me.” That is fair enough. At least I carry English scatter her head. She no even smile.
“Do you respect me?” She asked yet another question. “You are deserving of my respect. Yes.” This one seemed to go well with her as she smiled slightly. Her face darkened again.

“No toto for you as you get mind pick that call here.” All that came to my mind sas…
“Toto don goooooooo” I was confused, perplexed, unstable, discombobulated and jaye_jayelized. If tautology dey catch people wetin you go call my own. That was how I felt sha. Now begging for toto is something I am yet to reconcile my mind into doing. I looked at her, there she was, stark na’k’ed, her big bosom staring at me. She moved her legs a little bit and damn, her Kitty-Cat was clean shaven. I wanted to cry.

“Hey, don’t tell me you are jealous o.” I asked. I was thinking of how best to ask for
s*x. “Me? No o. I am not just in the mood.” Kai. Was it not the same girl that had been dying to have my coocck in her womanliness some moments ago.

“Hmmm…” I picked my phone and went straight to Nairaland. This babe was just looking at me like a hawk. I reserved my energy. Dama I don tire from standing inside the bus. “Is that all you are going to say?” She asked. Her voice shook like she was trying to control her temper. “What else can I say?” I was looking at the comments of Ishilove on Mazi’s thread. It looked more like she was fighting with herself not to read. Kai, some girls eh.

“Hmmm… Good night” Good night with light still ON. I stood up and switched it off. I came back and concentrated on my phone. There, she backed me, her Unclad Bottom staring at me. I could see her Kitty-Cat lips
from that point. Men, I swallowed hard and lowered the phone gently. Moved on the bed, making sure my leg was brushing it. I brought my hand closer and rested it on the Bottom, there was no movement from her. (Remembering this thing now eh, my preek just dey nod im head. Celibacy get I'm ups and down sha.) “Take your away from my nyash.”

I retracted the hand quickly. I quickly grabbed her, kissing her bare backs. Na so this babe dey struggle o. “I will shout that you are Molesting me o” She was twisting her body like a snake. I still held her down. I directed my finger into her pusssyy. Men, the babe wet wella. I come dey wonder why
she no wan allow me Bleep her. “Foxy, leave me alone. Leave me alone. Go and meet who called you. Tell her make she give you
toto.” She said inbetween ashhh and uhmmm… She still press her legs together, her pusssyy wall squeezing my finger. After struggling and seeing that she was not going to bulge, I left her.

“She is not close to this place.” I said gently. “None of my business” She replied coldly. It was like she was tormenting me. How I wan carry tell her say who call me dey very far and I never get hope seeing her soon? “Okay o. Goodnight.” I said and turned facing the other part on the room. I felt her turn round on the bed. Instead of turning to face her, I shut my eyes tight. She nudged me gently. I bone her. “Are you angry?” She asked silently. “Not at all. I am just tired. I want to sleep” I answered her. She rested her head on my should like she was peering at my face. Na then self the sleep begin come. I slept off. I did not how long I must have been sleeping when I felt a hand shaking me vigorously. I turned sleepily on the bed.

“Foxxyy, please make love to m e.” Her body was hot. It was like she wanted to fall sick.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked not interested in her first request. “Please ffuuCk me.” More like it. I opened my hand and pulled her into a tight embrace, my diicck already strained hard again my boxers.

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