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  Date: March 12, 2016

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When she left her house in the morning to work,she had been sure that her day had been bad but now she had no idea of what her day was many more. Seeing Joshua was the last thing she had expected and now,how was she going to tell Tiara that she happened to see Joshua and what was he doing in the company anyways,she would have asked but she had let her emotions get the best of her. Tiara had asked her to report at the end of the day but she doesn’t know if telling Tiara about Joshua’s surprise visit would be a good idea.

Getting into the house, she decided she would tell Tiara about Joshua for all she knew Paul might have sent Joshua to spy on them and she was on revenge but damn revenge. She doesn’t believe in revenge because revenge meant on unhappiness and Tiara was a good example of that. Tiara was unhappy both on the inside and outside.

She was so deep in thoughts that she didn’t see Tiara in the sitting room
“Fiona,the report”,Tiara said startling her.
“Oh yes,the report. There’s nothing much to report to you,Tiara”
“Nothing usual happened today”
Fiona wanted to give up Joshua but she decided against it-maybe Joshua wasn’t aware of what his father did.
“No,nothing usual happened”
“Nobody came looking for you?”
Why was Tiara asking like she knew something? No,she would stand her ground.
“No,nobody came”
“That will be all then”
God!,how lucky she was. Tiara knew nothing of Joshua’s visit to the company, she thought as she left the sitting room,she was going to sleep well this night and look forward to seeing Joshua tomorrow.

Fifteen minutes after Fiona left the sitting room,Tiara pulled out her phone from her pocket and dialed a number,it rang and the receiver picked
“You’re sure of the information you gave me?”,Tiara asked
“Positive”,Joseph replied and disconnected
Tiara knew Fiona had just done one thing—she had lied

As Joshua was driving back home, he thought of Fiona all through the way. He had to admit that seeing Fiona felt so good but he didn’t understand why she became so angry. She said she had called him tons of times but he had lost his phone and email account had been blocked and he couldn’t access messages. God! Fiona looked so beautiful, he wouldn’t deny that when he saw her, his mind leapt and then he had shouted at her but but that was because she thought she had left which he would never do,he had searched for her everywhere,even went to their mansion but no sign of her and then his father explained to him that d!ckson had to dissolve his partnership because he embezzled.

Walking into his father’s office, he remembered that he had no idea of where Elliott is and he didn’t deliver his father’s threat. What was he going to tell his dad?
“Josh?”,Paul called
“How did it go?”
“Fine. They’ll bring in the supplies soon”
“What of Elliott?”
Can’t his dad just forget about this Elliott for a second?, he had to think of something and he had to think fast!
“He’s on a vocation”
“So there’s no manager?”
Bringing his thoughts to his beautiful Fiona
“Oh there is”
“Who is the manager?”
He thought of telling his dad about Fiona but he knew his father would object to him seeing Fiona because of what her father did, it’s better if it’s kept a secret
“One of the workers stepped in”
“Okay, so when will he be back?”
“Don’t know”
“Joshua, about this morning…..”
Joshua held up his hand for his father to stop
“Just stop,dad”
“Joshua, please hear me out. I was…..”
“Just save it,dad, I don’t wanna hear it. I’d like to take the rest of the day off,would that be a problem?”
“Joshua, I said I’m sorry”
“Dad,I said I don’t wanna hear it”
They stared at each other
“Dad,just stop. Can I take the rest of the day off?”
“Josh….. Yes,you can”
“Thank you”
Joshua left leaving Paul staring behind him and planning to go to the paper company himself

It had been a cool week so far,Joshua hasn’t shown his face and Paul had not bothered going to the paper company because of his tight schedule but his mind wasn’t off it yet while Tiara still plots for revenge.

Tiara sat in her room,phone in hand,searching for Pedro’s number after which she dialed and Pedro picked up at the fourth ring
“I want you and the crew to meet me in ten minutes. It’s time we move ahead to the next plan”,she disconnected

Paul sat behind his large office desk thinking about nobody but the Michaels. He had planned on going to the paper company to see things for himself but he had decided against it because he had thought of an easy way. He reached for his intercom and buzzed his secretary, she came in some seconds later
“Sir,you called me”
“Yes,please get me through the receptionist of Elliott’s paper company”
“Yes Sir”,she left
It was time to know what step he would take. He cannot let the family of d!ckson Michaels live till the end of the month,something has to be done and Elliott was an incompetent fool who can’t carry out a simple task….
“Sir….”,his secretary’s voice came through the intercom “I am patching you through to the receptionist of Elliott’s paper company”,after an imperceptible silence, she continued “Go ahead, Sir”
“Good afternoon, I am Paul Green”
She recognized the name of course
“Sir,what can I do for you today?”
“I would like to speak with your manager, Elliott”
“Sir,Elliott’s not the manager now”
“He’s on a vocation, I suppose”
“I’m not at liberty to say,Sir”
“That’s all alright. I’d like to speak to your new manager concerning the old contract. Who’s your new manager”,he lied
“Miss. Fiona Michaels”
“Oh. That would be all”,he disconnected.
She realized her mistake too late. She must alert Tiara quickly, she picked up the phone

Immediately he disconnected, he stood up,pacing. There were many questions going through his mind; Where was Elliott?, How come Fiona was the manager?, Did Joshua see Fiona that day?. No! something isn’t right. How would he act in this situation. He could feel the walls closing in on him. He needed to speak with Elliott, he needed to speak with Joshua, he needed to speak with Robert,he needed to speak with Daniel and he needed to speak with God.

They all sat in the sitting room waiting Tiara to descend down the stairs which she did but some minutes late
“Good afternoon”,they chorused
She nodded
“You wanted to see us,Tiara”,Pedro spoke up
“Yes. Joseph, I want you to stick with the paper company. Joel,I want you to go get Fiona,tell her I wanna talk with her this minute”
“Yes ma’am”,Joel said
“Yes boss”,Joseph said and they both left
“So Tiara,what’s the next step?”
“Robert Obiaku”
“Robert Obiaku is the next step”
“How do we start?”

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