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  Date: March 7, 2016

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She left the room immediately after she empty the bottle of Nutri C,
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I sat on the bed and was thinking about everything, that had happen
since arriving on campus 7days ago..
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“i fvcked sheyi.
“i fvcked tania.
“i only read once.

Hope this won’t backfire me.. Was still in my thought when caro came in..
I picked up the call, she told me that she’s back and my attention is needed…

I quickly switch off the tv set and other appliances..

Back in our room with caro..
Me: good evening.. I don’t know you are back..
Caro: Am back.. What’s going on between you and sheyi ?
Me: “without thinking twice.. i reply her nothing

she brought out her phone and gave it to me what i saw on the screen
was my picture as sheyi whatsapp DP… I would have try to defend her
had it been it’s just picture, her status read..
**Bae of life.. I love you boy #OLaBeP**

My mouth was open wide, this gal don kill me.. The worst part is that
the picture is a old picture.. I did not use it as my dp neither did i
send it.

To Be Continued…
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