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  Date: June 12, 2016

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"I am sick! I am sick!!'' Were her words when I knocked at her room door after the heavy downpour that engulfed the working day.

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''Sorry about that, I thought you treated malaria last week. How are you feeling this time around?''

I asked. ''See I don't understand jor. I have been feeling cold since I returned from work. I just covered myself with my thick duvet and tried to get some sleep'' she muttered.

I must confess that I get the wrong ideas when I hear ladies complain about the coldness of the weather. We youths always recommend such a period for companionship with the opposite s*x rather than engaging in agricultural activities to help President Muhammadu Buhari in his bid to diversify the economy and reduce the
importation of goods that can be produced locally *laughs*

The rain was indeed heavy and as I typed on my laptop at work, the image of Nkechi's fair laps kept striking my head. I swear, Nkechi has a skin that could light up a dark room pending on when you get hold of a torch or phone to manage the power outage temporarily. Nkechi and I have shared a few moments of secret romance after which she always swore it would be her last due to my inability to follow the due process in winning her heart. She was purposely boring in bed and will embarrass a guy in the course of s*x.
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"Are you not okay?, Stand up jor!....And you know you are not my boyfriend....You know I am a Christian oh!!'' Were her words which demoralized me.

I later concluded that Nkechi was an amateur in bed and partially insane for her antics but again I couldn't stop returning for more as 'half s*x' is better than using Vaseline as some guys pleasure themselves.

On this cold day that still had the rain drizzling, Nkechi came out of her room with a bump short and skimpy top that exposed her tummy. I started to develop a boner again. I knew the beast in me was endangered and would soon be let out. As we were trying to discuss, my neighbour rushed in with his girlfriend who was returning directly from work like it was an emergency and instantly slammed the door.
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There were no exchange of words as one could perceive the pin-drop silence. Just body movements all the way! I think the rain water must have been poisoned with the spirit of 'Konji'. It was difficult and intoxicating for everyone. As I checked through Twitter and Facebook unconsciously, the hashtag #WeatherForTwo was virtually prevalent.

To Be Continue......
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