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  Date: March 14, 2016

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Girl: Hey.

Friend: Hey Adrey. GUESS WHAT?!

Girl: What?

Friend: I heard that Danny was going to ask you

*With the boy*
Friend: So, are you up for it?

Boy: Deal!

Friend: Well, there she is.
*Boy walks up to girl*

Boy: Hey um... can I talk to you?

Girl: Sure.

*Boy pulls girl away from friends*

Boy: Look... I really like you and I was hoping you
would go out with me.

Girl: OMG YES, i mean, I would like that.

Boy: Cool.

*Week later*

Boy: Hey? Can you meet me at the school

building? We need to talk.

Girl: Oh, um... okay.

*Boy hangs up*

*Girl goes to school*

Boy: Okay I can't take this anymore.

Girl: Can't take what?

Boy: I never loved you. It was a dare.

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