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Kid Cudi ft Pharrell - Surfin
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Kid Cudi ft Pharrell
Oct 01


Kid Cudi ft Pharrell - Surfin Mp3 Download

Kid Cudi ft Pharrell – Surfin’ After pushing back his album, Kid Cudi appeases fans by dropping his triumphant new single, “Surfin’,” featuring Pharrell. Kid Cudi’s fanbase got its hopes up last night after he let it be known that his latest album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin, would not be dropping at midnight due to “some minor sample clearances.” Cudi didn’t follow up with another release date, though he did promise to remedy the indefinite wait by making two PP&DS tracks available within the next 48 hours. He’s already made good on his word, as both “Surfin'” and “The Frequency” have made their way onto iTunes and Apple Music. Whereas Cudi had previously shared “Frequency,” “Surfin'” is brand new. The sample-heavy track is a joyous anthem on which Cudi proudly sings about not riding anyone else’s waves, as he’s busy creating his own. The instrumental, which makes use of a children’s vocal chant, celebratory horns, and a funky guitar riff, likely comes from Pharrell, as his vocals aren’t on the track.