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Akoni Adams - Greater Height
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Akoni Adams
Oct 01


Akoni Adams - Greater Height Mp3 Download

Who is AKONI ADAMS? AKONI ADAMS is a Nigerian good music lover, composer and rapper of the Gospel. He walks in the path of God’s commands, for God has broadened his understanding. His real name is Akoni Adheymolar Adams, from Western Nigeria. He hits the mark with hard punchlines and scintillating lyrics of which he blends with his Yoruba language, pidgin and phonetic English. He stand tall to whatever the challenge comes his way till he overcome. As his name implies, he’s a testifier to the good works of God, he’s a winner, a champion, a conqueror, an overcomer and victorious. He’s a trail blazer, now on the extra miles, on the way to the Greater Height.