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“Please help post on Naijaloyal.Com but do not use real names

I don’t know where to begin because I am very sad. The girl I love, Esther, left me when she found out I was dating her blood sister.

Now I know many will condemn my actions but if you hear me out first, you will understand.

My name is Kola. I met Esther at a fast food which was on her birthday and from then we just sort of clicked.

She is a very decent girl and also emotional. She is of average height and very busty

I love Esther very much but she was the gummy, inquisitive and jealous type. She always wanted to know where I was and what I was doing. One time Esther called if I was at home and my sister’s friend answered the call, she went mad saying I was cheating on her. I had to take my sister’s friend to her house to prove that we aren’t dating.

Another reason I started getting bored of Esther was her strict policy of no s*x.

On the eve of my birthday which was after they had given us break in my school, Esther requested to see me at her place since her parents had traveled to UK for the December break. She would be coming home that day so I was chilling at her place with their house help when I met her sister Amaka.

Esther never showed up because of a late test in school much to my frustration but me and Amaka got along immediately and we spoke at length. We also exchanged numbers that day.

Amaka soon started chatting me how she has a crush on me when her sis told her about me and one thing lead to another, we started seeing and sleeping with each other.

Now my intention was just to chop and clean my mouth and I had already told Amaka that I don’t love her but she kept pestering me and honestly she was doing more sexy things and stuffs that kept me away from Esther.

Now the bubble has burst. Esther sent me a message that she found out about the relationship with her sister and I should never dare call her again.

I don’t know how the two sisters settled their problems but Amaka is still disturbing me and even though we are still sleeping with eachother, it is Esther that I truly love.

What can I do to get my Esther back?”

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