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Most of us see child bearing as one of the major essence of life, of course I subscribe to this opinion it is only quite unfortunate that I was one of the unlucky ones of whom child bearing and raising was a mere fantasy. My experiences are not what I wish a reader of this but my testimony and liberation.

All along, I have had this great fear in me of not being able to reproduce. I have been troubled ever since I was a teenager this was because of the little size of my manhood. Funnily, friends had teased me on several occasions that they know that my manhood would be of a very healthy size since I am a very fit looking guy with a good height. It’s only shameful that I could not reveal to them, the tiny thing under my pants. I have really tried to get my penis enlarged honestly I would have given almost anything up just for it.

While I was serving at Kwara state, an indigene once told me about a Fulani woman with herbs for hormone imbalance, quick ejaculation, penis enlargement and all possible erectile dysfunction related problems. I was excited when I heard of the penis enlargement but I did not tell him that was what I wanted. I only requested to see the woman on the note that I want to really satisfy my woman on bed.

I finally met the woman who seemed like a savior to me.

We couldn’t do much of verbal talking since I did not understand her language. It was more of sign communication. I demonstrated to her a little sized penis although, I was ashamed when she burst into laughter that seemed assuring that what I came for was minor. She brought some particles of dried leaves or so, then inserted a penis shaped rod in it and stirred for a while. Shortly, she added some few more particles which were finer. Then she called my friend in to explain the dosage. I was to use few spoons with a whole tin of milk at 12 hours interval for three days. I did so but purged a lot. I did not stop usage even though I could not go to my place of primary assignment because of my extreme running stomach. I lost weight already after day two and would always use a ruler to measure length of my penis. To cut the story short the herbs did not work but instead caused damage.

I was admitted at the hospital when I fell terribly sick. I opened up to the doctor so he ran some tests. I was diagnosed with almost all the terrible things you could think of. It felt as if my life was already finished when I was diagnosed with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), varicocele (impaired testicles) and impaired sperm production which meant I had a very low sperm count. He gave me the shocker! When he said I might not be able to reproduce again since mine was a permanent damage. It wasn’t here to here this. I decided not to use protection on most occasions during sexual intercourse with my girl hoping to get her pregnant somehow but this never happened. When she insisted on protection and I declined on several occasions she would refuse to go on bed with me. I was eventually forced to open up to her. When she heard of this she felt much down casted than I was, she had hopped we would marry.

She cried a lot that day, but showed willingness to help out. She came around the fourth day or so and convinced me to check out what she read on this site I had no choice since it was coming from her because I had vowed not to believe in friends again after my experience with the Fulani woman.

We visited the link and was blown away with the amazing assurances I got. I immediately tried the required out but then I was already passing out of service. Well, let me confess this to you I had my wedding two months after when we discovered that my girlfriend was pregnant already.

Give this: Men’s Health Solution a trial and get an amazing testimony on all forms of sexual dysfunction or infertility, I am a living witness.

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