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There is this element of fear deposited in the
subconscious mind of every individual. For
every Nigeria there are some instances that
can gear up fear or cause a discomfort anytime they find themselves in such scenario.

Irrespective of how muscular you are, there is
still some element of phobia known to each person. Nigerians unconsciously associate
meanings to whatever they see or hear. Here are 9 fears of an average Nigerian.

1. The sight of Vehicle Inspector officers

Just the sight of the agency’s vehicle is enough
to trigger fear in the heart of a Nigerian road
user. That is when you hear words are like AH! VIO! Aaah…this ones that you cannot beg or bribe them.

2. When your parents emphatically call your full name

Parents, particularly mothers in Nigeria just
taking their time to call your names in full simply suggest “that there is fire on the mountain…run run run run.”

This kind of scenario coming at this time of
recession can even kill faster than cancer
because what comes to your mind is kidnappers asking for ransom.
4. When you find cat in your compound

You remember that instance you get to see a cat in your house, especially if the animal is black. As a typical Nigerian what comes to your mind is Jazz, juju (Voodoo). Instead of you to welcome it as gift or possibly adopt the animal as yours.

5. When you hear the sound of gun at night and a scratch on the door

Gun! At the this time aah… Children wake up. I think they are robbing at neighbour’s house.
While a little scratch on the door could make
you freeze on the spot.

6. When your thrift savings collector
suddenly absconds with your money

This confirms heart attack at this recession time because you have already estimated the
expenses the money will cover. Nigerians fear
people with their money/investment, they can get admitted in the hospital for days.

7. When your mother drops her cane and
decides to use her hands

The fear of death is what you begin to see
because the action behind not using the cane is to pin you down with one hand while the other hand does the justice on you.

8. When you try to withdraw the last money in your account and ATM swallows your card.

If this happened on a weekend, then you get to transfer the aggression on the machine because you cannot use the banking hall. Just bang the machine, it makes you feel better.

9. Several missed calls from family

Without knowing what is behind the calls, fear is instilled in your heart and you tend to reason why you get the alarming calls on your phone. Even without calling to find out why, you get to give excuses on your own.

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