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Most celebrities in Nigeria are known for their Tats.Olamide had known for a while but then I guess everyone joins “Bad Gang” eventually! Hehehe! Olamide is repping the Yoruba culture with his tattoo.

Olokun (known as Olocún in Latin America) is an Orisha.

Olokun is believed to be the mother of Aje (the Orisha of great wealth and of the bottom of the ocean.) Olokun, Is an Orisha in the religion of Santeria, Olokun Is An Androgynous Orisha, Meaning, Olokun is also a man and a woman, depending on if it’s the Olokun of Ifá, or the Olokun of Ocha. In West African areas directly adjacent to the coast, Olokun takes a male form among his worshippers, while in the hinterland, Olokun is a female deity.

Olokun is highly praised for the Her/His Ability to give great wealth, health and prosperity to her/his followers.

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