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okay so i decided to write this little note comparing my relationship btw Nigerian girls and Indian girls, and how indian girl exceed in relationship matter plz don't insult its just me saying what i have notice, okay here we go

1, A Nigerian girl is a cash eater, yes, date one, and by the end of the month, you realized u are better off with a NSA relationship,
an Indian girl will gladly be an ATM for u, the little she has is ready to be shared with you.

2. A Nigerian girl will never split the restaurant bill(maybe they have with you guys) but with me naa, an Indian girl will gladly want to split the bill with you or even want to pay and tell u things like you can get the next one.

3. A Nigerian girl will date different guys at once her friends will hail her,
A typical Indian girl is scared to double date because it makes their friends think very low of them and shows poor home bringing

4. A Nigerian girl meets a guy, she is thinking of how to collect from him, An indian girl meet a guy she is thinking if he is the one and how to make him love her.

5. Constant message to a Nigerian girl and you are a leech, constant message to an Indian girl and you are very caring

6. Nigerian girl not sure what love is, indian girl will define love for you

7. Nigerian girl loves show man ship, indian girl love to hide what they have and keep low key

8. Nigerian girl ... so am pausing now, not so sure what else is good or bad btw them, but after all these i go still wan marry niger girl, well an indian girl might like a niger guy but there parents na something else, i guess we just have to be with our nigerian girls hope they have change there ways, have meant a few nigerian girls thou, they make me love the race.

But for Nigerian girls in India hahahhaha, pleaseeee.

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