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Part 2

During the dinner party, I got to chat with labake and got to
her. She was in 100level,economics department and she
lived in the
hostel and she based in lagos. I asked about her relationship
bayo and she told me that bayo was her school father and a
friend back in secondary school. I saved labake’s number
on my
phone that night and enjoyed dancing with her as she was
hitting her as$ on my Joystick at intervals.
Throughout the following week, I still don’t have the
nerves to ask
her out, all I do is just calling her twice or thrice a day. 3
after the dinner we began to exchange visits. Bayo would
me several times to face labake and “talk the talk” but I just
have the courage to do such as I had never dated any girl in
my life
and my level of shyness is another dimension. We closed
for the
session and we left school.
Throughout the holiday, I was always busy chating with
labake all
the time. We would talk about everything and even
irrelevant issues
just to while away boredom. As the days went by, our
began to grow gradually to the extent that we were so fond
of each
other. Even my family was aware of it that there was
taking my attention all the time. I would send several
poems to labake and she would reply them, she would call
me in
the morning and nights and I do return the calls too. I don’t
need a
soothsayer to tell me before I knew I was in love. But the
challenge was how to “talk the talk”.
School resumed for new session and we were both back to
campus. I spent all my pocket money and my inflated
school fees
on new cloths, watch, chain, perfumes, trousers and shoes
just to
look good at my own best to labake. My friends and bayo
surprised to see the way I hanged out with labake and how
we are
always together throughout our registration process. Friends
hailing me for finally having a girl in my life. Not just a
girl but a fair
pretty damsel with an average height, killer a$$ and
beautifully big
oranges. Only her smiles could melt an Ice. The dimple on
her chick
added more to her beauty.
When lecture started in school, I will always go to labake’s
department whenever I don’t have lectures. I would spend
most of
my time hanging around with labake. It was so obvious
among our
circle that we were the latest hot friends on campus. I began
have more competitors and many guys are also trying all
means to
date her. Weeks after week, the bond was growing and our
visitations was increasing that even bayo the match-maker
couldn’t believe it when he was seeing labake in our
almost everytime.
2 months into the new session, labake became the best
thing that
ever happened to me, I couldn’t stand 30minutes without
communicating with labake. I took my courage, did a lot of
rehearsals and homework on how to ask her out. I took the
step and asked her out, I was shocked when she said
don’t stress yourself, It can’t happen, let’s just continue our
I asked why she turned me down and she made me to
realize that
she wasn’t interested in any relationship for now because
wanted to concentrate on her studies and build her GP and
take more time to heal her broken heart. The more I
labake, the more she was declining. At a point, she
threatened to
break our friendship if I didn’t stop pestering her on dating.
It took
the intervention of Bayo and her friends before labake
finally agreed
to date me starting from the beginning of our second
On getting out to the main road, I tried Mr femi’s number
but he
wasn’t picking calls, I tried Adenike’s number and it wasn’t
reachable. I was confused on where to go first. Should I
visit my
Adenike girlfriend first?, what if she is in trouble or she had
attacked? or I should go to Mr femi’s house?, or I should
go to meet
labake?, I was standing alone thinking then my phone rang.
It was
labake, she called to remind me of our appointment and
warned me not to involve anyone and reminded me of the
surveillance monitoring me.. I was scared again and had
pimple immediately after the call. “ onihaxy!, which kind
you come put yourself into?!.
I got to the round-about at 10:44am, I called labake to
inform her
that I was around but she wasn’t picking calls. I was
scared as I
was alone at the junction with the fear that I’m not safe.
At 11am, I didn’t see anyone, labake wasn’t picking
calls, I waited
for the next 15minutes and there was no sign of labake
and she
wasn’t picking calls, I turned back and was about going
home when
a bike parked beside me as if I stopped him.
BIKE-MAN:”Climb the bike”
ME: What for?, who are you?
BIKE-MAN: “The person you are waiting for sent me to
pick you”
ME: Who is the person?, did I tell you I’m waiting for
BIKE MAN: ****his phone rang, he picked it and gave
it to me****
Climb the bike, “labake’s voice.”
The bike man rode pass Adesida road, passed through
road and took me inside A&T hotels. He dropped me
inside the
hotel compound and left without saying any word.
I was not comfortable and I couldn’t picture what was
going on.
Suddenly my phone rang and it was a Private number
and I picked.
ME: hello, who is this?
CALLER: Mr femi, just listen to me carefully. Ensure
that parcel is
safe with you, I will call you later to tell you where to
bring it to. If
you fail to deliver it, you will be killed. And take this
warning. No
one must know about our communication, including
your boss at
work, if you breach this warning, consider yourself
I stood still with my mouth wide opened and clueless as I
was still
holding the phone on my ear. Suddenly, a young lady
tapped me
from the back and said “follow Me”.
At the beginning of 2nd semester, labake finally agreed to
date me.
I was so happy and excited. The joy in me knew no bond
as it was
my first intimate relationship. I so much love labake to the
that I became a dummy to her.
Labake was a pretty lady whose beauty was attracting men
guyz towards her and I tried all my best to maintain her
in the little way I could. At first, she wasn’t a demanding
type, it
had always been the normal recharge cards and eatery
stuffs. Week
after week, our union was waxing stronger. Most times
when we are
in my house, all we do is to hug, kiss and rest our body on
other, there was no S#x for the first month because I was
shy to
make the move despite the fact that she do sleep overnight
in my
place most times. We sometimes chat dirty and she tell me
from her past, I lied to her that I had dated 2 girls in the
past and I
framed up sexcapades.
On the second month, I took the courage and advanced our
intimacy to touching and rubbing her tummy, gradually to
her breasts and handling it which she sometimes resist.
On our first day of sexual intimacy, we met in school
earlier that
day and she told me she would visit me in the evening. I
got home
earlier, purchased cooking ingredients. I had the
determination of
Fking dat day after watching a lot of indecency and reading
magazines in the time past. Labake arrived at past 6pm, she
me with the stew preparations, she cooked rice and finished
whole cooking at few minutes to 8pm., we ate the food and
sat on
the bed to watch movies on my laptop.
Labake lied on my chest pressing her Bosso on me. I could
feel the
sensation of her bosoms on my chest. I placed my left hand
on her
back, inserted my hand under her blouse and smooching
caressing her back gently by moving my palms up and
down under
the blouse. gently, moving slowly to the side of her
bosoms, using
my palms and fingers to caress her. When I noticed she has
to moan softly, I change my technique from palm to the tip
of my
finger. The moaning was increasing gradually as she
watching the movie, turned her head towards me and facing
with her eyes closed.. On seeing this, I had a feelings inside
of me
that I’m making progress. I locked my lips in her mouth
and gave
her a romantic kiss, she responded by returning it, she held
head in her arms and pulling my tongue into her mouth. I
drew her
closer and continued my movement on her back and
stylishly un-
hooking her bra straps. I succeeded in doing that while still
her. I removed my hand from her back and inserted it
the blouse from the front I raised up the blouse and moved
hands upward to her belly-button then finally arrived at the
Bosso. I made a slow movement with my middle fingers
around her
Tips, lifted up the blouse above the breast level and then
the exposed Bosso and her Tips as gently as possible and
moaning was increasing as she was bitting my tongue.
I moved my head downward from her mouth and kissing
the sides
of her neck while doing my magic with my fingers on the
tips. I
could feel her heart-beat increase and her breathing became
intense. My lips located her right Tips and sucked it
whlie handling the second Tip. my Joystick was gaining
velocity as
I was sucking. I moved my hands down to her short jeans
placed my hand on her thigh and giving it a killer caress. I
raised up
her skirt to
reveal her blue half pant. I started to pull up her skirt
bosom was still out of her bra and in my mouth.
I placed my hand on her pants and working magic on the
forest. I parted her pants side ways and locate her pusssy
while I
resumed kissing her lips. “Chaiiiii! Labake is damn wet.” I
her clit, inserted my fingers as she was jerking without any
resistance, after 3minutes of finger F**king, I decided to
try mouth
action and I took the courage to switch over.
I pulled out her pants completely , patted her legs and bury
tongue in the hole, as a novice, I was just painting
around the hole and labake was moaning randomly, when I
got to
the clit, she held my held close and clipped it with her legs.
I said to
myself, “that must be the central right button”. I
concentrated on
the clit and I noticed her jerking and her tones were unique
intense. Along the line, more juice flowed out of the hole
and I
resumed on the breast. I noticed the movement of her hands
on my
jeans, she unhooked it, pulled it down and held my erected
Joystick. She was stroking it and whispered “do you want
me to
suck you?”, I will love it “I replied”
She moved her head downward, I felt a sweet sensation as
licked the top of my Joystick, it was a smooth soft feelings.
inserted the Joystick in her mouth and oscillating her mouth
on it,
and pulling off my trouser completely. I was enjoying it
handling her breast at the same time, she stopped after
minutes, I mounted on her and inserted my Joystick in her
without umbrella. As it was my first time, I was doing it as
seen on
indecency videos. She was moaning and pressing her leg on
back. “Don’t pour inside me ooo” she said and I replied “ok
dear”. I
fuccked misionary for like 4minutes and I felt a sweet
feelings at one point, before I knew it, I felt something
pouring out
of me. She pushed me away and said. “Didn’t I warn you
not to
pour it inside!”. I’m sorry dear, I was carried away I
replied. She then
said. “Go and get postinor for me pls”. Thanks to my bad
who had discussed postinor related gist around me before,
so I
knew its work. I went to a nearby chemist and bought 2
doses and
returned with it. She took 2 tablets before we slept, she
took the
remaining 2 tablets in the next morning after 3 rounds of
S#x sessions.
That marked the beginning of my sexual relations with

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