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August 10, 2016 ( Post 1 )

Sitting in my living room on 29th May 2015, I posted an info-photo on a social-media that read how excited I was about the new administration. You see, I was one of those in the majority who had bought the dream of “Change”. I was excited and hopeful amidst many other positive feelings.

Today, 1 year, 2 months and 12 days on, I am sitting in my living room writing this so you know that not much has changed. The only apparent changes are nothing to be excited about and now I find myself of all the ways Buhari hasn’t changed much since 1984.

Here are five of them:

1. King of the over 500 percentile increments

I hear he had promised that bread will become 10k only for bread prices to rise to 70k. This feels all too familiar. How much is a dollar today?

2. Rumour Change, Buhari, 1984, 2016, Tunde Idiagbon has it he and Idiagbon were nicknamed the “deaf duo”

You know who had to go see the doctors about a “persistent ear infection”? Yes him! Buhari.

3. He still doesn’t seem to be listening to public outcry

Okay so maybe my last point was a little too literal. It might actually explain why the President doesn’t seem to know what the streets are saying because why else hasn’t he addressed this padding issue and a myriad of other things we’ve been screaming about like: WHERE IS MY CHANGE???

4. Chief resister of foreign aid and advice

He still won’t take any foreign aid with respect to the economy or monetary advice from IMF or any other such body and investors world over aren’t surprised about this. I happen to think this might not be a bad thing so maybe it’s not all gloomy.

5. The war against indiscipline scheme

I hope this one truly spells change and we start to act like adults that we all are in public spaces. Yes men! Stop peeing everywhere!.

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