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A Nigerian man who was facing deportation from India has been arrested for raping his friend's wife.

Suspect held by Indian police (Bangalore
A 28-year-old Nigerian man, Christian Chidiebere Chukwu, has been arrested in India for allegedly raping » a 19-year-old girl who is his friend's wife.

As reported by Bangalore Mirror, Chukwu who had
earlier been given red corner notice (meaning his visa had expired and had to be deported), was in hiding after he had dodged the Aizawl Police and eventual deportation, with his friend and his young
wife, when he reportedly raped the lady » when the friend who harboured him was out at work. The city police learnt about the red corner notice after the arrest of the accused for the rape charges and the subsequent interrogation.

The police report state that Chukwu had gone to
India on a medical attendant visa in 2013 with his
relative, Loveson Chingrom Emesowum, and was staying in Mizoram. He overstayed in the country after his visa lapsed and was arrested by the Aizawl police in Mizoram. He was remanded to judicial custody for around 38 days and with a fine of Rs 5,000. A local court thereafter directed the police authorities to deport him back to Nigeria within ten days.

When the police were making arrangements to
deport him, Chukwu was said to have managed to
escape from the custody of police and went to
Bangalore in a train after which the a red corner
notice was served against him. In Bengaluru, he had managed to avoid the authorities by taking shelter at various residences of fellow Nigerians living in the area until he got to the friend whose wife he allegedly raped. The friend harboured hin at his house in TC Palya with Chukwu until the day of the incident when he left the accused alone at home with his young wife and he took the opportunity to violently rape the woman.

Chukwu was arrested when the woman reported the incident to her husband who reported to the police. As it stands, the culprit will not be deported since he has been arrested on rape charges, till the completion of the trial. And if he is found guilty, he could be sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison.

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