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The boyfriend who has an insatiable desire for s*x has been bombarding her with amorous messages she can no longer cope with.

Read her story below:
All he does is think about s*x, and I’ve had enough. We have to have s*x every time we see each other, and whenever he texts me, its always dirty texts like ‘I WANNA c*m AL OVA UR FACE’. I used to be ok with the odd text now and then, but now its every text, or everytime we talk, he will just make dirty remarks.

I can’t speak to him on phone anymore because he will say, ‘oh your voice is so s*xy, its giving me an e****, let's have phone s*x.
We have been together for two years, and he used to be really sweet, now all he wants is s*x and if I don’t feel like it, he will go in a mood and say that I am cheating on him. I’ve seriously had enough!

The fact that he wants s*x all the time has made me less attracted to him (if that makes sense). and he has all these strange fantasies, he wants me to have s*x with other men as well, and he even wanted me to seduce his brother at one point.

He has even said that if I have s*x and give random men my body he will buy me stuff that I want. I tell him how I feel and he changes for two days, and that’s when I realise that the guy I fell for is still there, but then after when i’m back to normal with him, he will start being his dirty self.

Do you think he will he ever change?? Please help with some advice?

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