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Now, I know dogs are known as “man’s best friend” – but this is one girl who is clearly not satisfied with keeping her canine companion in the “Friend Zone”.

Since the dawning of the internet, there have been stories and videos uploaded that feature beastiality taking place. The girl, YouTuber Aria Lew, took to the video sharing site to tell the world her 10 reasons why it’s okay to have s.ex with a pooch.

The most worrying thing about this video is that there is a dog… Like, right there. So, let’s face it, we all know what’s been going on between them.

Anyway, do you think she’s got a sound argument? Or is she just a filthy, disgusting, desperate pervert?

For a quick reference, here’s a written out list of her ’10 Commandments For Shagging Your Pooch’;
1. Women in history have practiced it
2. Dog’s tongues can get in hard to reach places
3. It Is Impossible to get pregnant
4. You can’t get an STD
5. It has been around since the beginning of time
6. It’s legal in some countries and states
7. Some people like to see it as a “Kink”
8. It’s convenient
9. They don’t nag or complain – they are silent companions
10. They are easy to train

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