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*Sips Water, picks pen & paper*

Hello Peter & Paul, I’m writing this letter to you in an open place so you can call it an open letter. I shouldn’t be writing this but my love for the brand and duo won’t just forgive me if I don’t pen anything about it, I write this on behalf of nobody but maybe your fans though. *Sips Water*

The first day I saw the news about your break up, I hissed and gave no attention because I thought it was a lie and ignored the news. 2days ago, I finally believed everything was real and felt betrayed and sad about the news. What could have happened?Money? Family issues? Wife “Palava”? To be honest, I’m perplexed and anxious to know the real cause.

Dear Peter & Paul, you need to come back or quit music.

Now, let me go straight to the main reason why I’m writing this before I get carried away with the current issues in Nigeria. You both have failed your late parents and isn’t that sad? Did you guys think of your late parents before you thought of breaking up?
It’s a shame to Peter, Paul and senior JUDE.

Thought of how you guys started? Thought of the blood bond? Thought of your fans before breaking up? I thought people say “Blood is thicker than water”? Now I’m beginning to doubt that because of you guys and that’s sad.

I won’t sound like I know the reason or reasons why you guys break up but I’m so sure the brand won’t last if you continue this way. A curse? No! Reality?

You think your fans will be happy to see “Mr P” or “Rude Boy” alone on stage? *Laughs* Really, it’s nothing but sad.

Simple truth? This break up might definitely bring the end to both Peter and Paul as top notch musicians in Nigeria, Africa and world (If they don’t get together again).

Final note, I urge you to think about your late parents, your fans and the ones that look up to you as role models. I, Diji Aderogba wants the duo back and stop the unnecessary fight. Thank you

*Drops Pen*

Written by Diji Aderogba | @iam_mrwhiz

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