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Members of the National Youth Service Corps posted to the North always come back with interesting stories.

These are some of them:

Nigerians are always very excited about the one year compulsory National Youth Service Scheme, NYSC. The period could actually be the best or worst one year in the life of any Nigerian graduate. It all depends on how well one makes use of it..

Graduates don’t usually have any choice in where they are to serve and many end up being posted to where they really hate but they have to put up with it for one year.

For those posted to the North of Nigeria, it is a great experience at the end of the day, judging from the stories in the past and present.

Below are some of the high and low points of serving in the North.

1. Fly:- There are too many flies there. These ones have a very unfriendly way of welcoming you to the orientation camp and the North generally. At first, they disgust you but later on, you come to accept them as your good neighbours.

2. Night Bus:- Unconsciously, when you see those marcapolo buses that travel late in the night, it suddenly reminds you of your first journey to camp and subsequently, your entire youth service.

3. Scorching Sun:– In the south, you would probably think you have seen it all the sun has to offer, until NYSC posting comes out and your name comes under one of those Northern states. The heat that accompanies the sun will leave you convinced that someone definitely left the gates of hell open.

4. Honour For Corp Members:- Unlike in the south where corpers are treated like any other passer by, Northerners respect corpers. It is almost like them falling over themselves to help corpers out with something.

5. High Prices:- In the north, people who sell in the markets sometimes intentionally hike the prices of items for corpers because they do not understand Hausa and are seen as rich. However, the North is also known for having goods with extraordinarily low prices.

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