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With all the efforts people made in the course of preparation, they still felt baffled about their semesters' results. Why?. Don't worry, I have brought to your door steps some solution and ways to take abscond from this melancholies that trouble your mind. Don't worry, this semester will be different from the pasts. I just want you to follow this packed write up, and you give a great testimony. I had a lot of experiences concerning this issue of studying and results. That is the input which is the preparation and the output which is the results. When it comes to academics, your outputs don't depend on you inputs. That is the result got doesn't solely depend on the preparation for the studying.

Though web have to study very well do be very sure of what the result can be. I have written some examinations in which the questions antagonised what i read. What DL we say about that, should we say I didn't not give enough input. No, I have brought to you ways we can obtain a 5.0 GP each semester. Not only the current one. Its applicable to all other semesters.

The first thing I will talk about is splitting your study time into smaller ones. Before I explain this better, we all know the constant saying we think its an advice. Reading for 6 hours non stop. For where? for me, I don't do that and I can't. It would have even splitted this six hours into smaller hours like 2 hours then have enough breaks in between instead of reading for the whole of 6 hours and not able to get a thing, its just a camouflage and intimidation, kind of. Split your reading time into smaller time so as to relax your brain. It needs rest. Don't force your brain to understand. Allow it to assimilate normally. You can do it. This one of the ways to attain a very good result or grade.

Secondly, you need to have a devouted area for your reading. A conducive place than enhances quick understand. Admit the fact that reading on bed is a wash. Some people feel comfortable while reading on their beds. No, you are not devoured by doing this. Seriousness has to speak as well. Your bed can never be a conducive area for reading, also reading along the road is nothing by kind of mental disorder. You are causing yourself nothing but distraction. Let me even list examples of place we are not to read.

  • Don't read in the kitchen
  • Don't read in the toilet
  • Don't read on the bed
  • Don't read on the road
  • Don't read on a playing ground.
  • Don't read in a noisy area and places full of distractions
  • Don't read in your friends places unless they are reading partners.

The third thing is planning. I believe you know the saying 'When you fail to plan, You plan to fail' though its more inspiring than that but I just frame it. Plan your daily routine. Being a student, nothing should disturb you except when you engage yourself in extra curricula activities. Planning is very essential. Work with aims. Read your books aiming to assimilate them and not to look the pictures. Plan your time as well. Don't use your time for reading for gossiping and partying. Also don't read when your are to play. All work no play makes...a dull boy.

And lastly, you should study actively, your feading should not be fluctuating and occasional. Not reading days with a week interval, no its not done this way. Study actively and don't forget the popular formulae SQ3R. Hear are the meanings;

1. Survey: read with the aim of knowing what the book(s) entails. Surveying is a reading technique that need you to read through. Doesn't deal with deep thinking about the context.

2. Questions: Ask yourself question on what what you have read so far. Take time to do this. This is the part most students don't take good care of. Attempting questions makes you to know your weak point and makes you in raring your ability.

3. Read: This technique requires more seriousness, reading is what we all know. While reading, deeper meditation has been put into action here unlike surveying which is more or less like taking out the main points. Reading time should be different from time given to other studying techniques.

4. Recite: yes, dont wonder. I know we are not in primary school. But have you ever thought of how those primary schools' pupils read and recite a lot of poem? That what we called recitation. It helps too. Practice brings about perfection.

5. Study all over again. Reviewing makes you give answers to those questions you couldn't get and makes you touch parts not yet understood.

In conclusion, getting 5.0 is always what every student hope for and I believe by reading this, you would have know certain steps that guide this. And concerning the SQ3R, its a studying technique. Make good use of each technique. Don't skip any one. Everything constitutes to being outstanding.

Thanks for reading. NaijaLoyal's cares!

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