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The following dialogue ensued between a
brother and his sister when she came calling at
his house in search of her missing husband. Her
husband had gone to her brother’s house the
previous evening to collect the money her
brother had borrowed from him and had
refused to pay back. But while he was at her
brother’s house, he called to tell her that her
brother wasn’t still back and he has plan to wait
for his return. But he didn’t make it back home.
Mama Blessing: Papa Blessing where are you!
Why didn’t you come home last night? Why is
your phone switched off? Johnson my brother
where is my husband? I have being calling your
line and his, but they are both switched off. I
don’t like this game you and my husband are
playing oh!
Johnson: Game ke! What kind of game do you
mean? And what are you talking about?
Mama Blessing: where is my husband?
Johnson: your husband, what are you asking
about him from me for? Is this his house? I
haven’t seen him for two weeks! You remember
when l visited your home two weeks ago? That
was when I saw him last.
Mama Blessing: you are not serious Johnson! My
husband told me he was coming to see you
yesterday evening, and he even called to tell me
that he was still waiting for you as at 9pm last
night, that you were not yet back. I told him to
be fast about it and to come home because it
was getting late. What are you saying?
Johnson: Oh! I forgot he came, but he left after
we finished discussing.
Mama Blessing: Discussing what? Why didn’t you
remember to tell that when l first asked?
Johnson where is my husband? I haven’t seen
him oh! Where is my husband
While she was walking everywhere in the sitting
room, she stepped onto something solid and
bent to look at it. It was her husband’s phone.
She screamed at her brother!
Mama Blessing: you mean my husband left your
house without his phone! Wonders shall never
end! Okay l am going on home when he comes l
will ask him why he would leave his phone in
your house when he knows l will worry.
But instead of going home like she told her
brother, mama Blessing went straight to the
police station to call the police and they found
out after much investigation that Johnson had
killed her husband and was about disposing the

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