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Barbara Dawson has no intention of leaving her hospital room. Although the staff at the hospital in the Florida Panhandle town of Blountstown has discharged her, the patient refuses to leave, prompting a call to the police department on December 21.

"No, no, no, no," Dawson implores the responding officer when he begins talking with her. She asks him to leave the room and says she is feeling sick.

In audio captured by his vehicle's dashcam video, the officer calmly responds: "Here's what's going to happen. You can walk out of this hospital peacefully or I can take you out of the hospital." Dawson repeatedly cries out, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God."

After she is removed and taken outside, Dawson collapses and lies on a parking lot for nearly 20 minutes before she is rushed back into the hospital. She is declared dead about 90 minutes after the officer arrived.

Now there are multiple investigations into her death and her survivors are considering legal action.

The audio, released by lawyers for Dawson's family, provides a gripping account of what happened.

During her raucous moments with the officer in her room, the 57-year-old woman says that she can hardly breathe, an assertion she repeats as the officer prepares to handcuff her.

Dawson asks to be left alone and shouts during the ensuing struggle, "Please don't let me die!"

The arrested woman is taken outside, only to collapse on the parking lot.

Dawson is told by the officer to get up, but she doesn't respond. She remains on the ground for about 18 minutes while the medical staff monitors her vital signs. The officer and staff aren't able to get the heavyset woman into the police vehicle and a call has been made for another vehicle.

A physician approaches the vehicle to check on Dawson.

"This is totally different than what she was when I was discharging her," the doctor says while waiting for a stretcher in order to readmit her.

Barbara Dawson, who was admitted to the hospital for abdominal pain, dies a short time later inside the hospital.

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